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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Master Your Interest in Interest


Now the secret of mastering your own interest, so other people won’t master it for you.

The inner animal has no powers of analysis. It’s an elemental being, and its span of memory is very short at least beyond instinctive experiences. Your inner animal self actually can dominate your thinking self at will. Just as a bull can trample you into the dirt at will, it has no inner conflicts and thus is in no way reserved in it’s self expression. The thing is, it believes everything it sees, and it sees what you tell it is there.

Now most people make their inner animal berserk, because they present meaningless abstractions on an almost constant basis, and even contradictory messages.

Are there ways to calm a charging bull? There are ways to calm a charging bull. Part of it is to not move at all. Bulls charge because they are near sighted, and if they are not otherwise previously agitated, they will just walk up and sniff you.

I notice as soon as an animal is corralled it stops being so aggressive. The removal of loud noises and sights calms them, and the calming of your thinking mind calms your animal mind. Being willing to be disinterested in things is not a vice, nor is it a virtue. Neither are true in an absolute sense. You need balance. So besides the use of disinterest, recognize the various kingdoms of experience for what they are.

If we don’t choose someone else will for us. Indeed.

The sex interest includes everything that in any way is connected to sex, and has nothing to do with mating in the literal sense. Beauty is part of the sex interest. Enjoyment of children’s laughter is part of the sex interest. Enjoyment of wild animals is as well, because though I am calling it the sex interest, what it actually is is the life force. The communication with the world that tells you that life is safe and possible. But we more easily understand it on the level of visceral behaviour. Intuitive exploration is too much mumbo jumbo for most people, and then the death interest has a lot of connections as well. Inflammatory rhetoric of all flavours. Advertising for medicine and food uses the death interest heavily these days, and cosmetic advertisements are not speaking to women’s interest in sex as much as their interest in death. They want to have an advantage of attractiveness over other women.

The interest in scandal and disaster. Is that the death interest? It is the death interest, because it triggers the imagination that a persons place in the pecking order can be taken, even if you don’t really believe it can be taken by you. The death interest is a back handed mirror of the sex interest, and anything aimed at interesting men relies more heavily on the death interest than the sex interest.

The reason is not what it seems though. The efforts to manipulate men involve the death interest because the ones actually most interested in it are women, and the pattern is likewise mirrored in men. They say women are the most interested in life and continuation of it, but men are attracted to women because of their life affirmative qualities.

Is giving birth a death interest? A way to avoid it for a time? Yes, it is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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