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Where a place doesn’t arise from nature it can arise from spiritual principle, though it is a rare thing.

Painting Our Brains in Interest


I don’t think we were given eyes and a beautiful sunset by accident nor the brain to recognise beauty. Are humans the only ones that see things just for being attractive? Just to say oh that’s pretty or that feels cool?

They say beauty is truth and truth is beauty. There is a deep seated root to this. Instinctively, we have a sense of natural order, and we seek evidence that the world is in order. This gives us a sense of security.

We’re genetically programmed to find beauty in symmetry? We are genetically programmed to find value in congruity which includes symmetry as part of it, even psychologically. This is why we have a need for disinterest. It eliminates incongruity. Much like our bowels eliminate waste, even though the waste is very real matter.

I knew an artist who was fixated on making everything asymmetrical. Pablo Picasso would be another such artist, but even that creates an intellectual symmetry. This is why it has appeal.

I think the asymmetry is fascinating because it contrasts and highlights symmetry. Well, this is where we get into chaos theory. Though humans are not consciously aware of it, they perceive complex patterns in their environment. So in fact, a dominance of symmetry excludes patterns that tell us that life is balanced and whole. The mechanical always seems half done or mysteriously broken, even though intellectually we know it’s not.

I’m thinking that our interests are painting for ourselves our image of the world somehow. We’re interested in things that build a painting of the world? Exactly. We are all painting our own brains.

With crayons. Often, yes, our society doesn’t give us much else. Crayons and straight jackets.

We have accepted that the nice young men in clean white shirts have the real grasp of reality, and that we should just accept the simple colors that they have told us are real. So we don’t ask for acrylics or clay, or a guitar. Heaven forbid we choose our own medium. We might start standing for things and questioning how we are told things are. Questioning any authority that wants some say in what we think or do.

Shiny gold and silver come to my mind for some reason. Oh, indeed. As for myself, I have had to embrace my own interests, because the thoughts of others are only partially comprehensible to me. It’s like trying to take an interest in Spanish speaking soap operas when you don’t understand much Spanish. You can make sense of some things, but large parts of it are lost on you.

We have to colour inside the lines or be seen as rebellious. Dub me heretic then.

The news is force feeding us interests. It’s sacrilege to not be interested in the news. I see the news as almost completely irrelevant.

If you consider what celebrities do to actually be news. Well, I don’t consider what politicians do to be news either. They function in very predictable ways, and they will not be making any world changing progress, at least not most of them.

Someone was laughing at me yesterday because I’d never heard a Lady Gaga song. Ah, do you regret hearing Lady Gaga? Did your ears burn? She has an excellent grasp on the psychological formula that appeals to most individuals. She can sell people baby talk set to music and make a million.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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