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We don’t find freedom by knowing fear inside and out. We merely find that we can be free and hop back in the hole most times. People are in love with the devil they know.

Brains In Psionic Function in Brains


I will now go into how the brains work for psionic function. Most people have very disorderly minds, and run up against some issues that are entirely hard wired into the brain. Then they try to “force of will” their way past it and just create an even bigger mess. This is perhaps why most people aren’t very capable of psychic functioning.

With a fully functioning “psionic” mind, all the brains are humming along in harmony. The energy for anything, including say, psychokinesis, originates in the reptilian brain and its corresponding nerve network the enteric nerve plexus. That nice tree of nerves in your stomach and intestines which governs the function of most of your endocrine system. The reptilian brain just provides raw impulse. Doesn’t really tell you what to do with it, just “moves you”, and you can choose where and how to move.

The impulse energy from the reptilian brain goes to both the “monkey” brain and the cerebral cortex. The reptilian brain is just a big router and doesn’t do a lot else. When the impulse energy hits the early mammalian brain it gives you “gut feelings.” The gut information is the reptilian brain itself, but the feelings you have about it are unique to the early mammalian brain, and the monkey mind is capable of sensing things directly from your senses and from its own nerves as well. The brain isn’t your mind, it’s just a big sense organ.

Here is where most people get snagged hardcore, and stay here perhaps the entirety of their lives. The impulse energy also goes to the cerebral cortex as well, and for most people sets up a dissonance between their human brain and their monkey brain. Guess which one wins?

Human? Incorrect. The monkey brain wins. It’s the seat of your survival instinct, and although you may have all sorts of high minded human ideals, when your “feeling” brain says something is wrong it always gains control. Is this not your experience?

The human brain doesn’t see this so the inner conflict continues and we keep operating against ourselves? Yes. If there is success in psionic functioning, it’s by accident. This is how some people discover psychic healing, but say, “I don’t know how I did it!”

I would say it always gains control in the end? For some they make it a long/deadly struggle? It always gains control in the end, yes, though some people do make it a huge fight to the point that they make the monkey feral, rabid even.

The human mind wins a few battles, but loses the war? It actually wins no battles. All it does is derange the monkeys instincts, scramble the survival messages so they are more convenient at best, which is still toxic and counter productive and creates full on schizophrenia at worst, or depression, or egomania. The damage is as diverse as the human imagination, really.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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