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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Brains In Consciousness in Brains


Before I go onto the third brain, I should describe how the first and second brains function together in our consciousness.

When you first wake up in the morning, it’s your reptilian brain that wakes first, and well, it can be said that for some people this is the more wakeful part for most of the morning. What it does is first assess if you are safe. If it feels you are safe, it motivates you to have your morning bio-break and to eat. No reptilian brain means no motivation of any kind.

As you “come to life” in the early morning, your second brain kicks in. The autonomic nerve functions and corresponding consciousness. When your “monkey” brain kicks in, you begin to consider the presence of family members in your day, because it’s the most primitive and it’s most of the brain for reptiles and fish. In fact, if we get telepathy from primitive species it would be translated in this section and likely ignored by the “higher” brains.

Your monkey brain makes you consider more abstract things in your day, like whether you would want a hug or maybe you want to go visit a friend, but doesn’t give you very complex impressions. It is not capable of remembering anyone’s name say, or handling logistics issues like whether you should take a bus or a car.

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Feelings from the heart as they say? Yes. The second brain is the “heart” of the head, where the reptilian brain is more like the brains “stomach”, and is actually the only reason the brain is even aware of the stomach at all.

Is the third brain about memories? Very good, but no, it’s not solely responsible for memory. It shares that ability with the limbic system or monkey brain. The monkey brain can remember that you don’t like the smell of dog poo say, but doesn’t have much in details beyond recognizing dog poo and its stink.

The reptilian remembers “fire ouch”? Yes, and this is about all the reptilian brain can process. It’s simulating to eat it or mate with it, or it’s painful so flee it. The reptilian brain doesn’t help very much, actually, when it comes time to fight for anything other than self preservation. The reason a gator is such a good parent is they have a very complex reptilian brain. It is perhaps almost as complex as a dogs brain.

What about dragons? Dragons would have brains well beyond any terrain species, and in fact, evidence suggests that early dinosaurs were moving into a very well integrated brain that, given the chance, could have paralleled our own and without the specialization and partitioning of the average human brain.

The third brain is the cerebral cortex. It doesn’t have control of as much of your “thinking” as you might suspect. What it has is the power of the inductive and deductive processes, which are both just complex pattern recognition, and it has the detailed memory. It also has a lot of room, so it has specialized sections that serve as “riders” or processing centers for the lower brains. This brain would be the “branches” of the world tree. The seat of inspiration and creativity. You don’t get the ability to fabricate anything in the lower brains. The monkey in you can’t make anything up.

Is this third brain completely “in your head” or perhaps wired above it? It’s wired to the lungs, sinuses and neck, and the eyes. The ears are mostly monkey brain, and the inputs too, but you are right. It mostly “lives in your head.”

The cerebral cortex serves as your filter. It’s capable of being selective and comparative. It creates your “big picture”, your ideas of the world, and your idea of the self.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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