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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Psychic Realms of Function in Light Practice

Light Practice

A new collection of posts will discuss different realms of psychic function and how they affect personal paths. In the Hindu faith they recognize multiple paths of devotion and treat them all as legitimate. Recognizing that no one path is superior to another, and that they all contribute to a whole greater truth. In metaphysical circles there are many fields or domains of operation, and like channels on a radio one isn’t better than the other. They are all a part of the radio broadcast “atmosphere”. This is part of the reason our Second Life group is called ‘One World, Many Paths‘.

If you are engaging in a psychic practice you are merely approaching the spiritual world from one direction. If you are approaching it from the body of knowledge and practices that are typically called magic in western culture, that is no less legitimate than the psychic. But the two practices do have different characteristics and roots and both bring experience that can foster personal growth. It’s a question of knowing yourself and your strengths. Even miracle working through faith, often called thaumaturgy, is a legitimate path though it either relies on intuitive or “psychic” insights, or studies the function of faith and the object of your devotion in the world which could be called a “magical” insight.

Does everything come down to going through the same channels? Not necessarily. It depends on how you define that, but in fact it is one world. The nature of what you deal with is the nature of the world itself. Example. There are different branches of the “psychic” realm. Some of which you might not even recognize as being psychic. Basic psychic functioning is based on the insight that mind affects reality and that thought directs energy. But many ‘magical” principles can apply to psychic function, and thus you can adopt the “psychic” energy of forces that don’t follow patterns we recognize as existing in the mind. This is much like the phenomenon called channelling, but instead of just conveying telepathic messages from those who aren’t currently incarnated, you adopt the metaphysical influence of the living force you are channelling.

So it works through you and ultimately through your actions. In the channelling I describe the ancient mages deliberately avoided this. They sought to manipulate energy without becoming it. Those who crossed that line were socially sanctioned.

For practical purposes we need to see the paths as having three defining elements:

  1. Body, or a physical element
  2. Mind, or a psychic element
  3. Spirit, or a transcendent element

No path is totally devoid of any of these elements, but they do differ in emphasis or expression.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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