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Affirmation of Talent in Light Practice

Light Practice

The law of sympathy is that like affects like. If my talent just makes me sympathetic to something that isn’t my central nature, it would be weakening more than strengthening.

Wouldn’t it be odd for a talent to draw in something not central? Actually no. Often times, sort of like the implied motion in the yin yang symbol, something that is merely a reflection of the factor in question can be mistaken for the presence itself. Sort of an emperors new clothes effect. This is why they caution someone in the practice of magic. For every force you set in motion, you also move a counterforce as nature really likes its balance. It isn’t that it’s hazardous, but you may have heard cautions about false identification in Buddhism. It is weakening, and thus it becomes important to look at it in the context of its “mundane” manifestations of the world. It seems common for people to hold these factors apart (physical parts away from the spiritual), and almost make a religion of them. But if there is any truth in one of these workings, it should be evident in the passing of an average day. The world itself affirms the truth of things.

Comparing the world and the cosmos to a wheel in mysticism has always been intentional. If the axel is off center with one of your cars tires what will happen? It shakes, and if neglected eventual breakdown. If I understand right this does happen from time to time with cars. It’s the same in mystical concerns. If off center there will be strange tension, which though it has power will over the long run be destructive.

So as Taoist say, if in any endeavour you experience resistance, it is because you don’t have the actual way of it. You can be in the neighbourhood, and thus seem to have power, but it won’t be sustainable.

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Travis Saunders
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