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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Psychic Vandalism in Self


I am a media junky. I take in information from my senses voraciously. But I realize that the senses are limited which means I feel under no constraint to confine my thinking to the senses, or if you prefer the sensible.

I manage my emotions like the energy resource they are with the exception that my body does from time to time enter states of trauma that others might call distress. This makes the emotional energy short circuit, and I have to take extraordinary steps to balance it out again. Sometimes I delay. I have to admit I get frustrated with the acts of psychic vandalism that are so popular among normals, but I always eventually clean it up. My wife has witnessed this.

You get very intense, but then a short time later it will be like it didn’t happen. It doesn’t linger like it does in most people. I get intense to get the exchange under control, like firmly slamming on the breaks of a car.

What do you mean by psychic vandalism? About psychic vandalism… People accuse me of a lack of empathy, because I don’t engage in the behaviours that would make me react in an expected way to other peoples states of feeling and thinking. In my experience, normals engage in projection. They will the negative energies they are feeling into the environment. Hate. Sadness. Greed. They usually focus this on specific people, but it is almost as often generalized and the person who it’s focused on gets all reactionary. The whole scene is just sick. It’s like watching a parasite feed and the host do nothing about it. The host whines, all the while remaining blind to the cause or mindlessly abusing the cause. Flailing about randomly, hurting the cause perhaps, but everyone else too and not healing anything. Not caring about the person they let project at them in the first place. This is my experience of conventional love.

I refuse to allow psychic scarring so I am not allowed a role in exchanges. If I just take part of my own initiative, it’s seen as strange, alien, even frightening.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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