You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

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There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles these days of a universal “waking up” period that may come. The only way this would happen, in this humble writers opinion, is one person at a time. There are 8 points to this, among many others, that people can start to implement so they can “wake up” in their own way.

1. Recognizing Motivations
This applies to how we perceive why other people do what they do. What motivates them. If we take some time to understand what drives other people, we can better and more constructively respond to those actions.

2. Reacting to others
This is the end result of the first point and understanding is the key. It goes back to the old saying of how we cannot control what other people do, we can only control how we react to them.

3. Keeping an emotional distance
This may seem counterproductive to waking up, but when you’re transitioning from the old you to the new you, a certain level of practicality has to be in place. In a way, you have to treat it like a job.

4. Time for yourself
The crowd mentality may be the biggest obstacle people face when trying to find their true path. When you’re socializing you are constantly aware of how other people expect you to act. Making time for yourself allows you the distance from other people to get to know you.

5. Keeping things simple
This society seems to be wanting to constantly keep things complicated with many choices and many alternate viewpoints. Keeping your life simple and away from those types of distractions helps bring a specific focus to your life.

6. Taking responsibility
Taking responsibility for your own actions is the most basic thing you can do. It shows a certain level of responsibility that is mature.

7. You are not in control
At some point, people realize that they themselves are not in total control over their own lives. When that realization comes, it’s like a heavy burden has been lifted from their shoulders.

8. Learn from your past
Many people treat their past as if it is still an active part of their lives. It’s not. There is nothing you can do to change it. The best you can do, and should do every day, is learn what you can from it.

Taking these points to heart will not only let you empathize with other people, but you will be better able to empathize with yourself better as well. They will all help lead to a calmer and more positive nature that will help your inner child grow up so you yourself can wake up.

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