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You can’t get there from here. Remember wherever you go there you are, and there is no enemy anywhere.

Exercise Power Together in Cabals


There will always be people who want to “game” the system no matter what system you have. People who will cheat and manipulate and try to control others. It’s just part of human nature. Yes, and they are unwise. It’s a casino, house rules. You might seem to accomplish a little bit, might even feel proud of that, but they win.

I think they’ll only game the system because they don’t feel they are treated fair. Everyone does anything because they believe it will make their life better.

I disagree. Some people simply have it in their nature, instinct. Much of humanity is without empathy for others. They care only for themselves.

Well, to speak to this and relate it to our topic of Cabals, the earliest prehistoric cabals often were divided between the genders. Men having their circle and women their own circle. Research has more or less established that there are two trends in human behaviour, nesting and hunting, and we have these today in the world, just more abstract forms of that.

Like the males hunt and the females look after the village and would any of them have questioned their roles even then? Some did question their roles. They themselves were often initiated into the medicine societies, the shamanic lodges, but both of you are right, and if I must lay the blame on either camp for the decadent state of our current reality, it would have to be on the men. Women have been maintaining what little was left of our sanity, but they are not blame free. Silence is consent.

I often find it odd when conservative women are against women’s rights. It’s a sort of betrayal, and a power play on behalf of those women. It’s not poor strategy in the short term. They understand that if the passions of men are given free reign, a lot of energy is behind that. There is a great deal of power there.

Rather than functioning as rival camps, men and women need to exercise their power together. If this doesn’t happen, then the spiral will keep spinning and the longed for peace will never come. Everyone will always live under a veil of anxiety with no cause they can put their finger on. Collaboration is the basis of a cabal. As was said earlier, a cabal by itself isn’t actually evil.

Trying to be something you are not is very harmful to the psyche. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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