'Cabals' Chapter


Cabals are first about principles before they are about groups of human beings. The mysteries of how to govern a human being, and how to govern a hundred human beings, how to govern whole societies of human beings, are more a form of metaphysical philosophy than actual forms of what we might consider reasonable logic, and it gets worse. In today’s day and age, they are getting it down to a science. The word spoken in the fearful ear is the word that changes the world.

The conspiracy is real. It manifests as consensus reality, but it’s not driven by the things it appears to be doing. It’s driven by occult or hidden insights into what the world itself does when acted upon. It all comes down to the same thing cabals get their strength from. What do you actually believe?

“All the public business in Congress now connects itself with intrigues, and there is great danger that the whole government will degenerate into a struggle of cabals” John Quincy Adams (American 6th US President (1825-29))

Occult Doctrine

The subject is cabals. The word comes from the more familiar Jewish word kabbalah which translates as secret or occult doctrine. People often dismiss the idea that any sort of doctrine affects them at all. This is to my view… Seek More

Mysteries of How to Govern

There have always been priesthoods of one sort or another, from shamanic medicine societies to the catholic hierarchy so visible today, and each order held principles they believed to be vital “mysteries” or secrets of how the world is thought… Seek More

It’s a Hunted World

What is “real life” but a ghost story? Perhaps a holy ghost story? Do we write the ghost stories? Tradition is a ghost story. The future is a ghost story. What the other guy or other nation is doing is… Seek More

Adopt Principle

The same principles they founded our institutions and governments on, the same way they arrive at their insights and rules in the first place, we can use for ourselves. A simple example. In some third world countries right now, there… Seek More

Exercise Power Together

There will always be people who want to “game” the system no matter what system you have. People who will cheat and manipulate and try to control others. It’s just part of human nature. Yes, and they are unwise. It’s… Seek More

Courage to Express

Women have lost their traditions of power, and men have lost the principles of control over their own power. They now do things, without really knowing why, just because they are “supposed to.” Should this continue? Time to raise a… Seek More