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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Courage to Express in Cabals


Women have lost their traditions of power, and men have lost the principles of control over their own power. They now do things, without really knowing why, just because they are “supposed to.” Should this continue?

Time to raise a generation of women who own their power. Yes, but you do that by being that. That power isn’t gained by challenging men. Power in contention is not power at all, but entropy, static, decay. That is a big part of what has to end.

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People are often not valued for who they are, but for what they can do for others. You’re right. Female power doesn’t come from money, though they do control the bulk of the spending, and it doesn’t even come from social manipulation, they do that a lot and usually to betray each other. Is that unfair of me to say ladies?

Well, I think it is a generalization. Isn’t generalization what creates the rules?

I don’t relate to that. Nor do most of the women I know. Excellent. It’s not something I recommend people relate to.

It’s not unfair to say though, manipulation starts when you’re in school.

I think about 30% of both men and women are manipulative. They just use different tools, but to the same objective.

Female power stems from the female spirit, the female heart, nature and instincts, exploring and expressing those. The female way of knowing and understanding the world needs these now, and very badly. When this power was still preserved, it was in the teachings of the matrons, the elders of the tribe. They didn’t teach women to be “ladylike.” They taught women to be peers among women. There was a way in those societies that women created and women pursued. There was no “man’s world” to throw things into this state.

They saw the spirit as individual and would not have discouraged women from hunting or defending alongside the men? Indeed. In Viking society, the women owned the whole village, men owned hunting lodges out in the wilderness, and if the men didn’t have much luck in the hunt, the women figured out ways to feed the men. They operated separately not because of sexism, but a recognition of a difference in temperament.

Nor would the men shun another man who enjoyed cooking meals and was rather inept at weaponry? They sort of did. They were not totally free of xenophobia, but those men still found a place in Viking society, and for much the same reason gay males of reasonable disposition do today. They were taken in and treated as peers by the women. But they weren’t in any danger of being murdered by the so called normal men. That was still considered evil even in the male branch of their society, and it didn’t require the men being gay. There were men spoken of in their stories who were more inclined to the arts of crafting things and working with herbs than hunting and fighting.

Some men are just not built for being a warrior. More intellectual types perhaps, and they lived primarily in the village as well.

I like the idea of the solution going back to the basics and figuring out a balance of the two. Yes, and my purpose for going into this was not to advocate a past model to replace the current one. We need an entirely new model. Recognizing what our ancestors knew (and much of our current neuroscience is backing up ancient instincts regarding human nature), and building on that as we go forward into what our society will become.

But again to bend this back to the cabal topic, it all comes down to the same thing cabals get their strength from. What do you actually believe? Not what is traditional to believe, what is easy or convenient to believe, but what do you believe from the core of your being, and do you have the courage to express that?

When new beliefs arrive, then new cabals form. Exactly. Sometimes not lasting very long, and sometimes thriving in ways nobody would have foreseen.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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