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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Adopt Principle in Cabals


The same principles they founded our institutions and governments on, the same way they arrive at their insights and rules in the first place, we can use for ourselves. A simple example. In some third world countries right now, there have developed whole cities of the homeless that now run on economies that almost rival that of the country they live in. Now their activities are not technically legal, but the government there has neither the resources nor the inclination to stop their function.

My point is, what if we all bartered our resources between ourselves? What would happen to money?

Something else would become the new currency, whatever was most valuable. And this would come about because people adopted principle. The idea that we should not use the currency. Now this is just an extreme and hypothetical example. Something as radical as this is not absolutely necessary, at least not yet.

Peer to peer file sharing would fit? Yes. That is a more moderate example, and it had a huge impact on the economy.

That has the cabals up in arms. Yes. The musician used to work for the people and not the cabals. They would sing for their supper and educate the young, and had a place in society as a respected equal among other members of society who were also peers. Nobody expected they go labour in the fields, and if someone wanted extra effort they offered extra incentive. They came to be exploited in the mid to late feudal era as it became an item of prestige to be the patron of a famous artist or musician.

Which is when the big cabals gained power? Indeed. The Magna Carta was forced on the king by an organized trade consortium, a cabal, not by farmers or common citizens.

I don’t think the idea of paying someone for their work is so bad. I don’t think paying someone for their work is bad either. I think it’s a fine and fair idea, but remember I said earlier, it’s not about money. It’s the principles behind the pay.

We pay hockey players high salaries but don’t give teachers or nurses the same courtesy. Why did sports become more valuable than education and healthcare? Sports stars control the eye. Rome kept the imperial peace through bread and circuses. Keep people thinking about little things and they won’t have much time or energy to reflect on what is behind it all. Ask questions of themselves like, “Who’s really in charge? Am I really free to do as is best for me?” The reason people fear black magick is they fear someone might be hiding somewhere and plotting against them, somehow engineering their harm.

Cabals can be good as well. Yes, exactly. Fire is only bad if it’s used to burn people alive, or other such things of that nature. Otherwise, it cooks food and heats homes and sheds light on reading material.

I guess the take away from this is simple. The conspiracy is real. It manifests as consensus reality, but it’s not driven by the things it appears to be doing. It’s driven by occult or hidden insights into what the world itself does when acted upon. But the reason there appears to be haves and have nots, the one percent and the ninety-nine percent, has nothing to do with money. Money is a distraction.

Would you have designed the world as we know it in this way? If you were in charge? Does the system and rules seem clear and genuinely impartial? To my view, they smack of the hubris, narcissism and even insanity we might imagine the inbred descendants of the noble houses of long ago to have exhibited.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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