My prize is in seeing.

It’s a Hunted World in Cabals


What is “real life” but a ghost story? Perhaps a holy ghost story? Do we write the ghost stories? Tradition is a ghost story. The future is a ghost story. What the other guy or other nation is doing is a ghost story. Can anyone name others?

The horrible disaster that waits because I don’t have a cell phone, or I don’t get that health insurance.

A dark parking lot.

Fear of death.

It’s a haunted world, but who is it haunted by?

“Them.” Indeed. The fact is there are cabals all over the place. They are quite successful. Rather than the Freemasons and church religious orders these days we have Wal-Mart and Facebook, the democratic and republican parties, and countless others.

The ultimate evil is insurance companies. Yes. Give me money for something you’ll never need, but might. And there are multiple rival cabals on that front even, but do any of them operate without presenting a set of principles to you? Things they feel you can believe in?

Oh, they have all their facts lined up. That’s why I hate them so much. Cabals have always been about the power of ideas, principles, laws, and people come together in these organizations for one reason. The reason they come together is power, and it doesn’t have anything to do with money even. They bend and break the fiction of money freely, and tell us that we are to blame. But there is a weakness here, and our dark metaphysics topics have all been about these weaknesses in realities, flaws in perception that otherwise govern us.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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