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Subjectivity and objectivity form two facets of a body of experience provided by a web of energy potential and actualized. That has characteristics independent of the individual observer.

Mysteries of How to Govern in Cabals


There have always been priesthoods of one sort or another, from shamanic medicine societies to the catholic hierarchy so visible today, and each order held principles they believed to be vital “mysteries” or secrets of how the world is thought to work. If you read much of the material behind governmental principles and procedures, they don’t look all that different from any of the old codices people used to live by, even to the point of meeting in what seem more of a naturalistic than a practical pattern of convention.

The mysteries of how to govern a human being, and how to govern a hundred human beings, how to govern whole societies of human beings, are more a form of metaphysical philosophy than forms of what we might consider reasonable logic, and it gets worse. In today’s day and age they are getting it down to a science. It’s how they hit on talking points for their election campaigns. Tell people the world is in threat of dying and their children are in danger from pedophiles, and well, you hit some of the buttons that control human behavior every bit as effectively as if they were put under a supernatural curse. People’s perception is bound by the speech going around in their communities, and that speech is initiated by people whose purpose it is to introduce and control information in our environment.

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Things like the “family values” rhetoric. Family values from people who cheated on all of their five wives. It’s true. The hypocrisy is so obvious as to be absurd, but ultimately everyone wants things to be normal. There is an unspoken message to the tune of, “Don’t anyone dare rock the boat!”

There is a reason this all works. Evidence points to the development of the human brain having been more or less governed by the biological need for homeostasis. We feel safe and secure if our bodies and minds aren’t telling us that there is a disturbance or irregularity in our environment, but we expend the least amount of energy necessary to re-establish this sense of life balance or homeostasis. So we can be prodded a fair bit and not actually lash out. You don’t make choices regarding this. It’s instinct. We all want to feel safe and calm and healthy, even if this means we don’t actually feel good.

So the word spoken in the fearful ear is the word that changes the world. Fear is not in and of itself an evil. Those who fear nothing, love nothing it is said. In my experience, this is true. What are your thoughts, friends?

It’s evil to exploit fear. It’s more subtle than just exploiting fear. People can be motivated by feelings that they don’t identify as fear.

Maybe it’s more evil for someone to say there is nothing to be afraid of. Good point. Women are motivated to buy some of the most absurd things, because they HAVE TO look well dressed and up to date.

What behaviour do we engage in on a daily basis that has nothing to do with fear?

Kissing. That can be fear motivated, but is usually not, so good point.

You fear anything that you believe has the power to make you do something, that has the power to make you change.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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