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Occult Doctrine in Cabals


The subject is cabals. The word comes from the more familiar Jewish word kabbalah which translates as secret or occult doctrine. People often dismiss the idea that any sort of doctrine affects them at all. This is to my view a mistaken notion.

Ones “story” or internal dialogue is every bit as much a personal doctrine as anything an outside agency might try to teach you. You could live under the doctrine that you have to eat a very strict diet say, or that you have to engage in a certain degree and type of activity on an everyday basis. You may not have even originally volunteered for living under the doctrines you do, but you still live with them as if they were a fundamental physical law.

So you aren’t using the word cabal as a secret organization? Not limited to that sense, but I will include that. I’m just engaged in my customary prelude.

Cabals are first about principles before they are about groups of human beings. It has been long understood that both nature and human nature operate according to observable laws, even if these laws are really strange in the context of normal human thinking. And humanity has lived under the rule of law of one type or another for a very long time, since prehistoric times most likely. Remember in an earlier class I made mention of religion being the reason cities came into existence? Well, cities are the reason civic codes came into being, also known as codes of law. The original laws were taboos related to ritual conduct and would seem very strange to our contemporary lines of thinking. Things like “never approach the pyramid directly, but follow the sun-ward procession.”

We still make some pretty strange laws. This is true.

The original codes that would become our complex economic principles originally related to guides for assessing the value of a sacrifice and governed trade in sacrificial offerings. A cow might be more valuable than a goat, and a goat more valuable than doves. The reasoning for this was mythological driven, symbolic. You wouldn’t offer fish to Demeter, nor offer fowl to Poseidon.

Laws to prevent insult? Yes. Insult to what they saw as the cosmic order itself.

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Travis Saunders
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