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A bad workman blames his tools, they say, and a craftsman makes his own. Somebody can show you the bonds of interconnectivity that pull the cosmos into a unified singularity of existence, but the surest path is not play to follow the leader. Rather it is to become a leader of others yourself. By definition being ordained as a minister is making a commitment of spiritual service to others and to the propagation of the spiritual ideals of the parent organization issuing your ordination.

Some years ago, a clever group of researchers performed an experiment where they showed that once people are simply asked a question and forced to form an opinion about any issue, they become primed deep within their own mind to fulfill the commitment they had made, even if it seemed trivial at the time. For example, we have all participated in telephone surveys. You might answer a few questions and then forget that it ever even happened. Often the questions in these are slanted so you can really answer but one way. Researchers did such an innocuous survey and then called two weeks later asking for donations to support the topical issue of the survey. If people had been surveyed, they were much more likely to give money then if they had never been surveyed.

This is because when any person makes a commitment, no matter how seemingly trivial, it triggers a deep internal process that alters their self image. Even if you do not remember answering a survey about your opinion on preserving the habitat of the tufted titmouse, somewhere deep with in your subconscious you scan all your neural network and seemingly out of nowhere out pops the idea, “Yes, I am a person who is pro titmouse habitat preservation.”

What happens when you make a decision to become an ordained minister?

Imagine that for whatever reason you decided to be ordained as a minister. Maybe your cousin asked you to officiate her wedding. Maybe you did it as a joke, or as fodder for a blog post topic. It doesn’t really matter why you do it, all that matters is that you have come to the decision to go to one of the free online ordination websites and fill in the form, then click the ordain me button.

No matter how you arrived at the decision the effect is the same. A process starts deep inside your psyche. Perhaps it is even below your perceptual awareness. You look at the world differently. You form opinions on issues you would have ignored before. You can respond to spiritual and moral questions with answers from your inner being, because somewhere rooted within your consciousness your focus has changed. The thought “I am an ordained minister now. I have a valid opinion on these issues” acts as a filter and lens and fine-tunes your behavior.

Yes, a simple action can change you and help you make the world a better place. Online minister ordination can transform you into a more spiritually centered being. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

R.A. Zorger
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive


The author, R.A. Zorger is the President of the Church of Spiritual Humanism. If you are inspired to become an ordained minister visit the Spiritual Humanism web site and enlist in the online ordination program.

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