'Inheritance' Chapter


Our elders live among us. The bulk of DNA in humanity is dormant because it was to serve as memory. Our DNA formed before it formed a human. Every bit of code that makes up a human existed before humans, and our lineage came about by a process of reiteration and variation. Every tradition speaks of the arising of form in our world.

My exploration of our Spiritual Inheritance is of necessity shallow. There is much to explore if you seek in your communion with your world and reflecting on the stories of old.

“The stream of time sweeps away errors, and leaves the truth for the inheritance of humanity” Georg Brandes

“We are all gifted. That is our inheritance.” Ethel Waters (American blues and jazz Singer and Actress. 1896-1977)

Our Elders

Are the trees happy? They aren’t always. As guardians of the zoasphere they at times cause an environmental shift. Our elders live among us, nod sympathetically at times and in despair at others. There is little joy anymore. Though as they… Seek More


Let me start with a question. What is inheritance? That which is given to us. DNA? And knowledge, and worse of all history. Given that two species beget, their offspring has inherited from them a biological inheritance. Not too dissimilar… Seek More

First Beings

If you would, imagine a being that exists in a state of pure potential energy, non-local, not collapsed and mostly non-dissonant. Like a star? Yes. That would fit. What would we call this being? Ra. God. Omni present. Yes, among… Seek More

Our Inheritance

The first beings that would come together as a colony were the ancestors of plants. They had the wisdom of surviving by mutual cooperation. Before that, the DNA creatures were still too close to the first “chaos” to take and… Seek More

Our Ancestors

I will fast forward. In time, the plants would become mighty on the earth, wise in the ways of life and death and powerful in the gift of the stars energy. They were the first to harness the energy of… Seek More

Humanities Patrons

The Watchers, having numbered among the first beings, would come to disagree with the elder daemons, as the daemons were no respecters of any specific form of life. The Watchers would come to see early hominids as special. One of… Seek More

The Watchers

This will bore you or blow your mind. It’s a very old universe. It’s older than the advent that lead to its current state, the bringing of fire as it shows up in many myths, and it will last beyond… Seek More

Watchers With Us

How are the Watchers interacting with us now? What are they doing? At this point, they are preparing for a bio-hazard situation. Humanity has induced such toxicity into the environment that they are preparing to recycle a lot of code.… Seek More

World Record

We are discussing the Watchers. Anyone familiar with them? The Watcher vs. outsider? They are opposed, yes. The Watchers are not outsiders. They have lived alongside humanity for as long as humanity has existed. They’re protectors? For the most part,… Seek More

Coming Together

About the presence of the Watchers in the collective subconscious… Have people been noticing the sky showing up more in your dreams? Actually looking at the sky? This is the Watcher activity. Dreams of orbs or wheels? These are the… Seek More