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My prize is in seeing.

Co-Arising in Inheritance


Let me start with a question. What is inheritance?

  • That which is given to us.
  • DNA? And knowledge, and worse of all history.
  • Given that two species beget, their offspring has inherited from them a biological inheritance. Not too dissimilar from spiritual inheritance. Two of the same species beget as does all life beget and bestow, even inorganic.

The world itself is a long lineage. The history, before the human recollection of history, is a string of begetting and co-arising, but in the case of the co-arising they share a common origin. Which is what ancestry is, no? Our DNA formed before it formed a human. Every bit of code that makes up a human existed before humans, and our lineage came about by a process of reiteration and variation.

The big bang begot and we begotten on that long journey from origins of cosmos. Fractals speak of this. Yes, they do indeed.

I guess we also inherit our future. Science has discovered there is no material basis for the concept of future or for the concept of past. In reality, our perception of time is more of an observation of how our reality partitions itself, and the relationship between these various regions.

It is all co-arising? Past present future? It is all co-arising, yes.

In the sense that past, present, and future are one in the physical world, not spiritually? Even in spirituality.

I will refer to the Australian aboriginal experience of the dream time. All spiritual traditions speak of a time when the world was not formed. It existed, but had no fixed form. In science, they call this an uncollapsed wave state having no locus, but every bit of substance that a physical object would have. Every tradition speaks of the arising of form in our world, though they speak of it in different ways. One idea, many of them have in common, is the world taking shape according to words or song. In the case of the First Nation of Australia, it was song, as it was for the early Nordic peoples. Sound. It’s a wave. This is basic science, but speech and song are different.

Sound collapses into form? Exactly. Song and chant are intentionally organized waves. The Australian wise people sang to remind the spirits of what they do for the world.

For the afore mentioned people, the dreamtime is both the ancient past and now, at the same time. Most prayer was at first a sign of respect to the Gods or God, so that they would continue to sustain the order that humans knew.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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