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Not feeling resistant to where I am brings peace.

Our Inheritance in Inheritance


The first beings that would come together as a colony were the ancestors of plants. They had the wisdom of surviving by mutual cooperation. Before that, the DNA creatures were still too close to the first “chaos” to take and keep an enduring form, but we have for our ancestry their struggle. It is in our blood to this very day, and our memory is their memory. It is how there would come to be the first animals.

We inherited their struggle also? Yes, and their wisdom, because those that found co-existence would come to share their ways with us, so that we too could know what we call “peace”. Before then, there was no peace. This is why we associate disease with war. Pestilence was from the age of chaos, though it has not gone from the world, nor can it and have our life endure.

These early “daemons”, as the Greeks called them, would shape all life. Alongside pestilence was famine, and before either of them was death. These beings formed much of the world we know, and gave it the potential for life it has now. All matter had to be shared in that early time, so any matter could keep its form for only a short time, adding its simple mark, and all of this would come to feed other forms. As this carpet of “death” saturated the sea, this being is very often referred to as a Great Serpent, and the ancestors of reptiles were the first to have brains anything like our own. The first ancestors of our minds were the great fish. Before that and along side the fish were the plants.

Now, all life needed the presence of the other, the third party that would guide the way of our two parents.

They existed together. Yes, they did. The third people were the crustaceans. That would lead to the birth of Grandmother Spider, who would later weave the land under the air in such a way as to allow the arising of greater enlightenment still. Our reptilian ancestors, our dragon kin, would surface onto land looking for food when their home waters had grown scarce. This was the first seeking, and they would not remain under the sun for long. It would be the children of the other who first would dwell under the sun, and thus those children give an inheritance to some that sets them up as rivals for the children who would become man. This was the origin of the first temptation. Eventually, as the air changed from the work of our plant ancestors, the “dragons” would come to see the land as a safe refuge from the sea.

Desire? This was the first desire, the seeking of “heaven”. A haven from the beasts of the abyss that had grown fat on death. However, they would come to know danger at the hands of the children of the other, and would have to grow clever to survive, as the children of the other were quite large and possessed of an alien cunning. Thus, we receive the gift of adaptive thinking. Shall we continue from here or fast forward?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the children of the other? In the beginning were the “God” and the other, and between them was the universe made.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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