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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Our Ancestors in Inheritance


I will fast forward. In time, the plants would become mighty on the earth, wise in the ways of life and death and powerful in the gift of the stars energy. They were the first to harness the energy of the old ones as beings of flesh, and due to their great wisdom, there would come to be the second firmament. The life-giving aura of the air, and nothing would be great save for the doings of our ancestors the trees. There would be no great brains or powerful bodies, and in time if it were not for the trees, the life of the barren land would have died away. The tree ancestors have been very generous, not only with their labours, but with their wisdom. As the dragons would come to eat of their fruits and by eating of the tree of knowledge come to see that they could differ even further from origin. So first did the serpent eat of the tree, and only much later did anything like man have a taste. Shall we fast forward again?

There would come a time on the earth when all of the great dragons would be sorely tested. As the abyss would rain down on it, and bring first fierce fires, then bitter cold, and in this time of trial did many things know again the way of the first chaos and its daemons. However, there was no defiance and life would gain great wisdom from this fire and ice. This age of separation would lead later to a world that had an order of life more complex than ever before partaking in its essence from all ancestors that had come before. They came to dwell at first in secret places away from the elemental ancestors’ direct power. But as the elementals grew peaceful again, they would spread to newer locations shaped by the great creativity of the elemental beings. They would dwell both under the sun in the company of the great elders we call trees, and near the inland waters that had come to be changed from the nature of the mother sea, and would nourish new wisdom from its cisterns in creatures that knew the mother sea only in the blood of their veins. These complex creatures would come to taste of minerals that the earth had not shared before, and they would change as the sun warmed our then loving mother earth.

There would be many children arise with the potential to know the wisdom of the whole world. However, being of differing spirit and having differing hearts, some would not know the drive to reach forcefully into forbidding places. Our ancestors would be the ones who ventured where the elemental beings or “daevas” feared to tread, though they would know the enmity of the efreet (the great fire beings) for some time before they would come to leave the tree ancestors behind. As they were forced to look into a world devoid of the comfort of the great powers of the keepers of the sky, they would come to learn of the ways of other animals and imitate them. Perhaps why we call it “aping” behaviour even today.

This can all be known, because it is in the great memory. Because, before there were flesh beings there were the watchers. The watchers would whisper to these clever children, first giving them the secret of tools, then giving them the secret of fire.

Would you say that all original soul substance has been used and fragmented and re-used, or do you think there is still some that has not become manifest in matter? The universe has soul for its substance, and it exists in alternating states of manifestation and potential. An endless cycle of a yin or potential state, and a yang or active state.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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