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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Path Of Manifestation in Manifestation


If there are an infinite number of paths and every path is viable, how does one choose which path to follow? Which process to MOST EASILY manifest their will? The path of least resistance? No. The path is not present in the world. You will find the mirror reflects the path only darkly, and beyond the worlds edge there be dragons.

You enter reality with the path imprinted on your very being, and from time to time this path that is in your blood will lead you into conflict. The conflict is a creative force. As destructive as it may seem, it’s a high energy exchange that allows large scale expressive shifts.

You light the path from within, and follow the brightest reflection? You have the light of the universe within you, including the dark matter. Your essence may show itself in a wide variety of experiential ways. You would know it best, because as grim as it may seem at times, it will still be the “path of least resistance”, but it’s the path of least resistance for you personally.

For me it has always been when things “click” and grow. Grow, not stabilize. For you to keep living your blood has to keep flowing, but you can feel when the rhythm of the energies around you support you. Some music or art will give rise to impressions or impulses in your being to express yourself more. Your relationships will move you to be more present to them, and you will see the exchanges between you and that other as perhaps the most meaningful events in your life.

Can you suggest any general habits that support manifestation? Meditation. Yes, meditation helps, but even that doesn’t have to have the traditional ritualistic trappings. If you are doodling on a piece of paper or letting your mind wander as you relax to some music, that will reveal manifestation to you. People make a serious mistake in trying to understand manifestation. In an infinite universe, what can you create of yourself? When all the potential that exists is present now, what can you originate?

More of me? Even that potential is not being originated so much as expressed. The manifest life is your essence, or if you prefer your “spirit” shared, and you have nothing else to share. You have nothing else in fact to do, but manifest your own being in this life. Originating in an immortal universe that had no true beginning, and will have no final end, is not possible. When people say they created something, what they are actually saying is “I can control it. I can keep it stable”, and they learn the hard way this is neither possible nor fruitful.

We originate nothing or paradoxically everything? Actually, quite appropriate. Paradoxically, you can originate everything, because all that you experience and even all that you hear about is “you.” You are here because the universe is you. It suits you perfectly, at least at this stage of your growth.

The manifest life is not about any special actions you may or may not take. It’s about understanding the context of your actions. You never fail. No one can do anything by “trying” and yet nothing is left undone.

You are saying to be the life you want to manifest, rather than try to make it? Perfect. Yes, I am.

You have one great power. This one great power is to receive all the energy in life and to focus it by changing yourself to manifest in the world. You can share experience with others. You can be a light, and a sound, and a fire, and a quake. You can be a storm, and a stock market crash, and a political revolution. You can be all that has ever happened in this world, and you will be all that happens to it in the future, but it all stems from being.

Let’s look at the “normal” life. Let’s say I’m a cook. What sort of creature is a cook?

A human? Creator. What traits of being does a cook have? A magician. Imagination. Yes, a cook is made up. A cook is an imaginary creature, but there is such a thing as cooking.

Let’s say I am a father. What sort of creature is a father? All sorts? Nurturer? Life is the nurturer. Many fathers are scourges and ogres in their behaviour. A father is a made up creature, but even if conception and birth happens, father is an imaginary creature. We all are “fakes.” We all lie. This is a good thing, because only by the process of acting “as if” something is, so can it be. If I act as if I am a father, I will have father experiences. I will have father feelings. I will engage in father actions. If I have an awareness of “the father” that is in harmony with all of life, I might even be a good father. What would have been lost or destroyed by me acting “as if”? Who would I have betrayed?

I have a female friend who acts as father and mother to her kids. I send her Dads day gifts. If a female is acting as if she is the father then she is. I had to act as if I were the mother. I can act as if I were a judge, or as if I were a seer. What would be the difference in the end?

Now, there is a way to do manifestation wrong. When you have the experience of that divine spark that is the self (which some refer to as the true self), it gives you feelings to take actions. It seeks expression. Even though you can act as if you were anything, when you’re acting as if your being runs counter to the true self (that deeper instinctual being you knew as a child), then you are “giving false witness”, to use a term from Christian mysticism. Or as the Pali Cannon says, you are indulging the error of false identification. I can act as if I were a great healer, but if every fibre of my being says that I should remove old constructions and tear down tyrannical institution, then I will not be living my manifest life and my manifestation will lack power and be unable to endure.

I hope this was of some value, my friends. If only to give more words to think on. I find it useful because it changes the thought pictures in my head and often gives me new ideas.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well all, and Namaste.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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