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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

Humanities Patrons in Inheritance


The Watchers, having numbered among the first beings, would come to disagree with the elder daemons, as the daemons were no respecters of any specific form of life. The Watchers would come to see early hominids as special. One of the greatest of these is known today by the Yezidi people as Melek Taus, the “peacock angel”. The spirit of the eye would come to be associated with Horus, Hera, Enki. All of humanities patrons were among these spirits.

Kwan yin? Yes. All spirits of the eye, all patrons of humanity. However, they would love and hate humanity at turns, as humanity would likewise love and hate itself. The Watchers brokered peace with the efreet and the older elemental beings. They “terraformed” earth and would be the first lawgivers.

As humanity came to be numerous, the Watchers did intend a great community of man living in communion with the great life of the earth itself. But alas, humanity would come to know vanity. Seeing themselves like unto their “Gods”, they felt that they could be greater than their Gods. This was no sin of Iblis’ doing, and in fact, it was a human Chieftain who would come to condemn the Seraphim for their refusal to bend to human will, and thus the shining ones would come to leave the earth, slowly. They speculated that humanity had reached maturity, and might have the wisdom to steward the life energy of this world on their own. Thus the “meek” inherited the earth. Our early ancestors were meek, mostly dwelling in their tribal territories and having little contact, let alone conflict with each other.

These early tribes would even continue to revere those who bore the wisdom of the shining ones for a time, but this would not last. In their wisdom, they would come to marshal those of their number with a skill for the hunt, and turn the hunters against other peoples thinking to steal the spiritual power of these other tribes. The shining ones would come to be forgotten in the name of human Gods. The chieftains of old who were the first pawns of the ones who would become “oath breakers”. An example of this, though all nations had a similar story, is Arthur and Merlin. Not all of the wise among man would become corrupt, foster false Gods, and render false prophecy. Some kept to the old ways, but they were too few to shape our modern era, and many were burned in the name of the false Gods so that the earth itself would be rendered mute to mans ears. Thus, humanity would come to rape its mother, which leads us to the Common Era.

The era of greed, possession, and separation. Indeed. Relics of the old gift of the shining ones remain in us even now. Though the original wisdom is lost in its traditional sense, we can grow it anew.

This should shortly end to make way for the Age of Aquarius by going inwards to look. We are. With the advent of the great library known as the internet, and the development and use of means to travel the whole world in one lifetime, we have realised the ancient prophecy, though only in part. With recent events, and the realization of the insanity of the now ancient and still false Gods, we are coming to seek truth where it is to be found again, in our beings and in the life of this world. Much has been revealed as we have unlocked the deep mysteries of light (lasers). We were meant to possess manifest science from our wisdom, just not the folly of avaraice that would delude us into seeing the Earth Mother as an object. Greed was a great evil. We should not covet that which is freely given.

I’m afraid I’m lost in memory. My exploration was of necessity shallow. There is much to explore if you seek in communion with your world and reflecting on the stories of old. Even if they are half-truths, a half truth is better than none, at least often is.

Thank you for sharing your memories. I have some rules I live by, or rather guides, but I do prefer them strongly. One is if I am asked, I am to answer, thus I do these classes.

Till next time friends, or should I say, family. Be Well. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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