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Nephilim Crisis in Nephilim


The nephilim crisis is this. The nephilim respond to humans the way humans respond to themselves. The more primarily humans see themselves as monsters, the more the nephilim will emphasize the monster image. They are like living spiritual amplifiers. If humans see themselves as divine beings, the nephilim will reflect that, again in an amplified way.

And send messages to all our neighbours in the multiverse? Oh, yes. Humans scream, but nephilim roar. Thus they have often been described as beast like, unrestrained in their inner natures.

So their crisis is our crisis. “What is humanity going to be?” Exactly. They are the deeply resentful young person, or the hopeful shining youth.

It always comes back to choice. Yes.

To adopt the judgement / labels of others… Is this low self esteem or just weirdness? It’s weirdness, I guess. They don’t understand self esteem as humans do and are not adopting judgements. They incarnate archetypes. This is why the myths have seemed to repeat themselves even into contemporary human history.

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Like Hitler vs. Mother Teresa? You have it, though both those figures were human. Mother Teresa at least bordering on avatar. Hitler was just inspired, euphemistically speaking. Some of the elders have grow to resent humanity and now see them as vermin. They have lost hope that they will mature as they should, so they also seek influence here and play on human ignorance to help humans along the path they feel they will inevitably follow.

These elders going back to the creation would have made a lot of beings? If the being is the soul, then they made no beings. If the being is the form a soul can manifest in, then yes, they were largely responsible for that. Even working with early man to make animal evolution accommodate humans, at least to start. This early stage was fully sanctioned. There was no political split at this point. That didn’t come until humans evolved the frontal cortex they have today.

And began to “think”? Yes.

Started talking? Oh, they talked before that. They even sang, and beautifully. They could sing to the animals, to the elements even. Material structure wasn’t as mechanical as it is today. Their singing was a form of dialogue. They could even sing as the elders did. This is why the elders taught them songs they supposedly weren’t supposed to.

If nephilim are human hybrids, what form did they take before humans existed? They didn’t take a form. Nephilim are younger than humans.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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