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Food, sex, wealth, these are the things of the devil? So why do all our righteous leaders have them?

Hybrid Humans in Nephilim


The nephilim who want to get involved with humanity, do they have a specific objective they’re trying to evolve humanity towards? The nephilim have no choice but to be involved. Being hybrid humans, they are a part of the human process, but they do participate in the human process in a different context. They tend to struggle with what you might call syntax errors. They do and don’t know what they are doing.

Are they aware that they’re hybrids? Often not aware, not fully. They operate on instinct more often than not.

Remind me, the nephilim is the genetic line? Yes. The human descendants of the elders. The abductions are actually an effort to implement controls, because there is a potential crisis that can occur with the nephilim lines. The potential crisis is, I guess, diplomatic.

So one of us could be a nephilim and not know it? Could be a nephilim or a carrier. Ones children can be nephilim, but the parent not.

There would be some family tensions. Yes. Humanity is teaching the nephilim to be what they expect to see.

I’m guessing those traits would be recognized within the family though? They would, yes. Another word for nephilim is weirdling. They are sane but irremediably marked.

But the inhuman birth would just attract the nephilim to that body or are you saying it’s DNA based? It’s both actually. A nephilim reincarnation tends to cause complications in the pregnancy. The incoming spirit warps the organic development of the baby. DNA can’t do much without being pushed. It’s like trying to build with poor clay. It too easily falls apart.

But it does accept new input fairly readily. Yes. The process is not impossible.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insights on “Hybrid Humans”

  1. Keola

    Ok, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, how do you awaken? I have a great dislike for people/humanity I’m always outcast-ed I hide my ears. (both have points one inverted so, it’s harder to see) My eyes change colors and has a fleck (we talking, I was born with gray eyes and they change color often to mood (yellow, green, bluish, orange, and black)

    I feel like I have to elaborate on the black I have had few times where I feel odd and my vision drastically changes and I all of a sudden start laughing it’s kind of a maniac laugh. haha and I’m laughing at “people”? If that makes any sense.. I was also born with very pointy canines however, I lost them and now only my bottom teeth are pointy/sharp. I’m not sure what I am. Maybe insane. haha Well, electronics don’t work well for me. if I’m in deep thought or angry my light bulbs will blow out when I turn them on. When I’m in a off mood the wind REALLY picks up. I’ve had Wiccans tell me I am Mythras and the only way to remember things and unlock my potential is to awaken. I also believe, I could be a nephilim I know this sounds weird but, how could I awaken? My brain is so active and speratic that It’s almost impossible to meditate and when I do weird shit happens!! I’m just looking for help/assistance. Let me know what I can do. :/

    • Travis

      Awakening is not about quieting the mind. Quieting the mind can help, in that it makes patterns of mental activity easier to sense, but in some cases efforts to still the mind only create interference. If you can engage your awareness of your consciousness than an alternative way of awakening is to identify and emphasize defining elements of your conscious process. This can reconnect or re-associate these core traits with your regular mental function.

  2. Douglas

    Good day,
    I carry genetics for some reason that make me stand out, and have from an early age. I’ve been looked down on, yet acclaimed, to be more than preferred.
    My eyes change color, for different reasons as I’ve mapped them through my life. Each color change and combination is like a billboard. If someone knows what each means that’s something I’ve shared with few people in my life. Primary base colors I have, as I’ve said have a direct meaning as well as strong combinations have their more specific ones to.

    The finest color I prefer to see is Green. A dark solid green, the lord is with (or speaking through me, as a tool), a middle tone green = peace harmony and kindness, the lightest solid green = a silly goofy nature.
    Within that little map…. it’s guided me as well when my eyes change to other colors and involving a strong green, that gives me focus guidance and understanding the colors colors don’t see.
    As knowing where my blood lines originated from, I could be expected in life to follow darker paths that did get my distant… sometimes not far enough, ancestors riches, power, a (false) glory, and well deserving ridicule.

    Nephillim blood lines say much these days.
    Remember something we are more than what’s in our blood. For what’s in Gods Holy Temple, the closest is in our soul.
    Keep strong, don’t think we are condemned to be better than any other. For as we are humans we are privileged to have choice.

  3. Ari

    Yes, my eyes change color as well but only if I’m doing something less than what is expensive of me. I am a very pure person so when I make any mistakes in life or do something stupid I start to look different as if my light turns into darkness. It’s horrible. My main weakness is a terrible rage that occurs when I see something I feel is very wrong and I have spent my life trying to save others from themselves with no luck at all. I see the world as a place that I have absolutely no place in. I’m completely detached from it all which used to make me feel so sad. I used to pray all the time, to “go home” and I was obsessed with finding out more about life after death from teenage years. I felt the whole of life ward preparation for death. I’ve never gelled with society or careers or having a boyfriend etc and I’m androgenous.i felt as if I was part boy. I have been very wild and prefer animals to humans mostly. I love God. I don’t even want to know about normality anymore. It was never my world. I dream of the sky and I can manipulate energy and energy fields.i see everything In colour rather than objects. I love art and can be arrogant at times but inside I’m quite a humble being. I just wish I had others AROUnd me who I could relate to. It’s very strange to me how people act and I’m dissapointed in humans and have stopped loving them.

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