What evil would arise in sex if people just accepted it? What evil would arise in exotic senses of self if they were just accepted? What harm?

Twilight State in Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

Does the pineal gland have to do with the dream state? It does, yes, as it has a great deal to do with the inner cycle of the nervous system, and is influenced by external light stimulation as well. It has a nerve center around it that is structured much like the eye.

What are we “seeing” in the dream state? The default brain wave, that we rarely experience as the dominant state, is theta. The theta brain wave state is the signal your nervous system passes around to keep the neural channels open and accompanies all sensory and autonomic activity. When it reaches our conscious state they often call this the “twilight” state. This happens before we are actually asleep, but has dream like qualities. Everyone experience this before? When the weird spontaneous images just sort of flow through your minds eye?

This is where it gets interesting. The theta state is on the same wavelength as the background electrical activity of our natural world. There is always an electrical signal in our atmosphere even without radio or microwaves, just as there is a constant radioactive signal as well. They merge.

Other dimensions? Yes. They are also the source energy for the force we call gravity, and create the phenomenon we call time and space. So by default, our brain doesn’t pick up on light or heat or sound, they pick up on the background quantum signal but they cannot translate it into it’s own metaphor. We are adapted to perceive everything as our primary sense organs translate them. There can only be so many circuits in our brain.

This is why they use sensory deprivation tanks. To focus on what the brain picks up directly? It is what people came to use them for, yes. When your brain gets no other sensory stimuli, it focuses entirely on the one sense it has left.

We started out sensing the quantum universe, but evolved to interact with the physical world? Exactly. Single cell organisms perceive mostly on the quantum level. Through a process of symbiogenesis, our range of receptivity on this level broadened, embracing deeper dimension of the universe as we also incorporated different states of organic being. This is why viruses seek symbiosis with us. In a sense, they are looking to expand their consciousness. Almost a union with God, if you will.

Does our DNA pick up on the quantum field? It does indeed, and our DNA is still entangled with the matter its particles were originally drawn from. So parts of our DNA are in rocks and other structures.

A virus kills their own God by communing with it. Man has killed there own God by trying to commune with it as well. Even Buddhists say, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. It’s a metaphor of course. The Buddha doesn’t represent himself or herself as Buddha. The awakened mind doesn’t see the state of being awakened as special.

So he is a fraud? No. He is genuine. Titles are fraudulent. You meet the Buddha every morning, and you meet them every night as well. The Buddha mind is the first mind.

In twilight state? Yes. Ever notice you don’t objectify anything in your dreams?

Maybe that’s why I like to sleep so much. It is. Though some have an unbalanced relationship to sleep, we identify with everything and everyone while we sleep, and even in the twilight state, we just receive what we receive, experience things as they come. We don’t apply our filters to anything.

What about lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is very tricky. Lucid dreaming can turn into the least lucid state possible, because it couples the passions of the waking mind with the perception of the crown center, potentially distorting the most primary mode of awareness we have. There were old traditions though that avoided this. Our ancestors didn’t have the conditioning we call keeping in touch with reality. They didn’t judge things as being real or not real as we do today. They just talked about their experiences and made observations, thus we have all the lore about gods and spirits and the spirit world. They were aware of processes going on behind their senses.

Maybe they viewed reality in a more encompassing state. Yes. We have been trained to make a lot of noise, and to rigidly filter our sensations against an arbitrary and often unhealthy / insane standard.

The crown chakra is the window onto the infinite vista that is the whole universe. There is no division between the physical universe and the spiritual, and our brains are as much shaped and guided by “occult” or unseen forces as they are by what we consider normal experience.

Science writes off many shifts in brain function as being random, accidental, arbitrary malfunctions of an organic machine, but even they say that the brain is not a closed system. For every deviation there is a reason why, and every form of change has a component that registers on our experience that we make of greater or lesser degrees of sense.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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