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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

Underworld State in Underworld


One enters the underworld state, at least to a shallow level, whenever the lower centers of awareness are activated. (I use the term lower not to mean lesser but rather foundational, primary.) When we are swept up in the passions to an all consuming degree, then we often begin to see artefacts of perception that we don’t normally take note of. Often these feed into paranoid delusions in the case of schizophrenics or unbalanced states of passion in the case of bi-polar disorder. But there are also places in the world that trigger such a shift as well. Many caverns do, swamps, some islands. Places where the elemental energies are strong and stimulate our more animal instincts by their very nature, as well as places where the locations memory has taken on traces of violence of extreme emotion. Places like Amityville House, say.

There is a strong shift there. I felt that when I saw Alcatraz up close. It makes you shudder. Alcatraz would be such a place. Most prisons are. It creates a primal animalistic panic charge that affects everyone there. This facet of the world has always existed and always will exist. It’s one part of the necessary balance our world takes to allow the growth we can experience in the normal world, and events in all three worlds parallel each other.

The panic. Like the hunter vs. the hunted? Yes.

Every hope has a fear. Every vision a nightmare. We didn’t create these potentials. We are born from them, but one persons angelic guide is another persons monster. The most pervasive such force has a collective intelligence associated with it. It has taken on the memories of every entity ever touched by it. This being we call death, and this being is often the gatekeeper between the middle world and the underworld.

Every time a being passes, they enter into a state of passion not ever paralleled at any other point in their life, maybe with a close second being intense sexual experience. Research shows there isn’t a functional difference between intense sexual ecstasy and agony, but yes, we experience countless deaths in our lives, and we can induce a little death in a lot of ways. What it takes to fall is release. Release of the senses. Release of the artefacts of experience we call meaning.

Non attachment? It’s one way to induce non-attachment.

When we lose our mind, so to speak, even in a controlled way, we discover that the life of the mind refuses to end. The evidence of our senses doesn’t change in it’s persistence, but the overall tone and character of experience changes. The law of the jungle takes precedence over much else. It’s the underworld face of the law of life, and our dream begins to reflect a dog eat dog sort of imagining. We become very deeply aware of the world on an elemental level and see its weaknesses and instability quite readily. It’s easy to get lost in this state. Lose any sense of free will to despair.

Does this release happen when we go to sleep? I often start dreaming that I’m falling when I’m in the twilight state which sometimes wakes me up. It can, and it raises and falls in a way much like we experience our selves, as being left handed or right handed, left brained or right brained. We experience a bright slightly blue light or a darker sort of fire-lit energy as we slip into that state.

What is the difference between blue light and firelight? The blue light dreamers tend to be visionaries and recall their dreams to be much like a shamans vision quest, often heavy with communication and creative expression. The firelight dreamers tend to recall visceral experiences, challenges and struggles of one form or another, and their dreams tend to reflect exercises of power.

If you see blue light in your waking state a lot, what does that mean? Same as sleeping, you walk more in celestial realms.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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