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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

Claim Your Own Mind in Binding Work


What’s the most common name you get called? Any volunteers? Or most common way you are negatively described?

Well, if it’s online, the first thing they say is ‘troll’, which is always wrong and shows their lack of understanding. Yes, so let’s use that name, troll. You first think of its meaning.

Anyone they don’t agree with is automatically a troll. Insults are usually very vague, and have a seriously ambiguous meaning. I got in trouble with that in World of Warcraft when I spoke up about a guy being critical of someone else in chat. I was very civil, even neutral in my comment, just suggesting it might be unjustified. They just said I was trolling and then went right on with their rant. But yes, have you ever noticed that insults really have no clear meaning? What does it really mean that they are calling you gay? Or a troll? Or egotistical?

They do resort to the non-specific so they don’t have to justify anything.

It means they don’t like what you are saying but can’t intelligently articulate a good counter argument. Actually, this is why folks get stuck in a memory. You analyze the other persons intention, but what really happened for you was simply being called a name, nothing more.

That instinct to analyze people’s intentions is natural, even necessary. It’s the thing I don’t do very well, but because it’s instinctive, I think it can be said that even those who do it naturally still don’t do it well. But yes, the memory and the person are not the same thing, and that distinction has to be made. It’s sort of like making a resolution to claim your own mind as your own personal territory. For me that comes naturally, but it might be harder for others. What do you think?

So we start listing the definitions available for troll? I can see how that takes your mind in a whole new direction. Yes, claiming first the word, the idea of troll. Let your brain digest that, and then you move on to how many different times you were called troll. This has been quite a few, no? And showing no real pattern?

As you consciously make those associations see how the new memory is just another example of an entire subset of memory. The new memory already becomes bound to the old ones just by thinking in this way. You don’t have to will anything to happen, and then the collective force of your minds, having put those other memories aside, will merge and effectively remove this one as well. They blur together to the point that no specific memory has much, if any, meaning.

I have a whole fantasy life in my head of being under a bridge. And yes, you can even get creative with the memory to generalize and therefore bury it even further.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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