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Astrology Insight


Isn’t astrology just the mathematical progression of the universe in its many forms? The insights gained can help us empower our own actions and avoid unnecessary episodes of resistance. They can help us move with the Tao of the universe… Seek More

Christianity and Other Faith


Christianity has been around 2009 years give or take 30. Has it advanced us spiritually? In a sense, yes. The dissonance caused has, and even the message at the heart of the doctrine which had a hand in inspiring Islam.… Seek More

Force of Love


The subject is love, and I will be attempting to discuss love in a broad sense. There is a principle in nature, and by nature I don’t mean the conventional sense, but nature as the primal essence from which evident… Seek More

Powerful Connection


Intimacy is a vital force in life. The willingness to embrace your newborn child. The willingness to open your home to an elder in need. There is something beyond “moral code”, and to my belief a moral code alone is… Seek More

Alive in a Living World


Authoritarianism. Men are brought up that they are to be the authority. They are supposedly the ones to discipline the kids. I will be totally honest. I don’t like telling anyone to do anything. We claim to be a democracy.… Seek More

Sufi Practice


Sufis don’t have a single set of practices that apply to all disciples, thus the absolute need of the teacher. The Sufi master is the only one in their view who has the insight to help a disciple pursue the practices… Seek More

Is It Serious?


Let’s look at these serious situations. Seriousness, hmm. What use is that idea? I do these talks because I am completely willing to be foolish. Is nature serious? Is a hunting wolf serious? I suspect not. I suspect it is… Seek More

Strategy For Living


The topic of strategy might seem confusing. You might ask yourself, “What does strategy have to do with spirituality?” This would reflect the common thinking on the general class of topics we lump together as spirituality. We all have intentions,… Seek More

Failing Strategy


Are each of the worlds religions unique in their practices? No, not unique. They are distinct, but not unique. A bit different, but all fall within a set of entirely human behaviours. All are a bit different in their ways,… Seek More

Firmly In Truth


A southern USA Christian church celebrating Jewish Hava Nagila. It is a joyous inclusiveness moment. So, there are signs as you say. I am given hope by these things, but it can’t just be an experiment. A spirituality fad is going… Seek More