The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

What Is Will? in Will


I am doing a topic suggestion. To Will and To Dare. Anyone hear that motto before?

Not sure I have, but it sounds like one of those Latin phrases on crests. Sounds like it, because it is one. But I’m not going into linguistics today. I will do the subject in two parts, first will then daring.

What is will?

  • Determination?
  • Desire?
  • Intent.
  • Desire to act?

All good answers. Thank you. To will is to know. To think is to act, but to will is to have the potential to think and act. Many people like to take a zealously relativistic stance. I guess they feel that makes them seem wise or something. In my experience, that just makes the creative power that is the human consciousness reflect the condition of the ancient titan Chronos, castrated. With the rise of Zeus and the “age of reason” much of the minds potential has been rendered impotent. Serves the purpose of empire well enough.

The “it depends” response from people can get very frustrating. The argument is not untrue, but they often refuse to reflect on why it is true. It depends, and it all depends on one thing, the individual, your will. But even your will is dependant on factors that preceded you, and is interdependent on your relationships with the other “wills” in the world. Are wills truly much different from each other in essence?

Seems that timing varies most, hence the clashes. Timing = wave frequency, and well yes, there is an awful lot of dissonance, but we will talk about that later.

Are you saying wills are more or less the same? Any entity of infinite dimensions cannot fail to contain within itself all other potential configurations.

So manifestations are different, but same source? Yes, and forming different reference points in a singular holographic consensus. If you didn’t share some consensus with the consciousness here, it would not be possible for your being to manifest in this dimension. Though even the parallel dimensions mirror this one, but that is neither here nor there, so to speak.

Anyone care to share one thing they “know” so I can show how it connects to your will? Ok, I will use one of my own. I have a general sense of ennui. A view that all this activity in the world ultimately has little substance. Is this a reflection of the reality behind our shared existence? The answer would be no. What it reflects is the feature of my will that moves me to remain detached from exchanges that are dissonant with my personal will. Thus all these activities that seem very “real” to most other people seem rather pointless to me. I am not seeing reality to the contradiction of another persons reality, just a reflection of my own attitude.

Thoughts on something, like what I think of people, impact my will and how I act? What you think of people doesn’t impact your will. It is your will, and has nothing to do with the other person in any absolute sense.

More like a filter we see through? Yes, but only because we choose to use it as a filter. It wasn’t intended to serve that purpose, but psychologically our culture leaves us at a rather juvenile state of self awareness, as well as leaving us to contend with other people who function in a similar state. The drive to feel any connection at all is a heavy incentive to subscribe to the game of “let’s pretend” that people invest so much of their will into.

Will is intention, but we often don’t understand exactly what it is to intend anything at all. Intention could also be called in-tension. A stress between ourselves as individual observers and other observers, or supposed objects of observation. As most people find the idea of self as the substance of external reality too incredible. Too fantastical in most peoples view. Which is amusing, because isn’t the essence of fantasy the “unknown”, and by making there be non-conscious substance, well… Isn’t that a requirement for mystery/the unknown?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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