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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Awaken To Ones Presence in Will


I will summarize “will”. Will is knowing, and there is only one domain of knowing and that is “self”.

“Know thyself” comes to mind, another Latin phrase. This was seen as the greatest spiritual endeavour and the highest metaphysical knowledge.

Hard to have will without it. Impossible, as having will is just being aware of the presence of awareness and its function as an agent of reality. It is “THE” agent of reality. The only one we can access, unless you believe in a more experientially vacuous guidance that I often hear about. That is a mystery to me.

Shall we move on to daring? One characteristic of the universal force of will is a tendency to homeostasis. In order to have a sense of well being and “peace”, the knowing is sustained in an almost homogenous state with little budging it outside of crisis. This is why lacking much depth of understanding when it comes to the mind, world governments instead fabricate crisis to shift the collective unconscious will. The memetic “tail” wagging the metaphorical dog.

You think there is another way they could do it without fear? Yes. There isn’t the sociological, or if you will the spiritual world, and the material world. The two exist as a single interdependent entity, though half asleep as a matter of general course. Lucidity is a state that can be achieved by individuals, and one awareness cannot become lucid without affecting others. As the lucid state spreads, the spiritual/socio-political landscape will change as these lucid individuals cannot avoid communication on all the old levels, plus the remaining “unspoken” levels as well.

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Will is knowing. It’s memetic, communicated like a virus, as well as inherited genetically.

Memetic is of the memory. Is that correct? That is correct, yes.

We operate in a field of unified nurturing nature. There is no nature without communication. There is no nurturing without the experiential resources to feed a creative state with. To dare is to awaken to ones own presence in the field of the collective will, and to adopt actions in that greater context that serve more the lucid state and the individual well being than just a blind capitulation with the evolutionary relic that is the herd consciousness.

“Dare to be different”? Yes, but not gratuitously so. Aimlessness is still more a vice than a virtue.

To use the herd mentality as a metaphor. In herds, the alpha is the alpha, because they demonstrate traits that have perceivable survival value to the group as a whole. The others of the herd observe, even if not consciously, that individual is possessed of traits that allow the group to survive and thrive better. In the case of the human species, they have achieved dominance of this planet through virtue of their “consciousness”.

Do you think the alpha has more will than those who follow him or her? Not more will. They have more individuation, and perhaps a greater awareness of the domains beyond the herd. Thus it falls on the alpha often to defend the herd.

So daring to will, and to dare, is to take cognizance of the greater domain of the species will (and even interspecies will if you want to go that far), then to deliberately “daringly” make purposeful creative choices that will influence that greater awareness. On a superficial awareness, it manifests as activism and “social engineering”, but it can run much deeper than that.

As they say, you know you’ve made it when you get bad press. I suppose that is how you know you’ve tapped some awareness? I myself wouldn’t know I have made it, but I do know when there is a shift in the collective will and can observe reactions and adjustments made by “the people” even if it’s just like watching someone toss and turn in their sleep. When the sleeper has enough disturbance for it to trigger the survival instinct, it/they will wake up.

I liked the way you phrased the part about daringly making choices to influence the greater awareness. When I think of daring I think of facing fears to put will into action. I agree that daring and choices go together. The reason we chose the title “Heretic” for One World, Many Paths group members in Second Life relates to this. All choices are more than personal.

Even if it might seem like the choice chosen only effects the inner self it will still echo? Outward to the rest of everything? Every heart beats as part of a greater rhythm, that I guess will have to hammer before people can feel it. The butterfly of my mind creates currents in a sea of experience and communication. No energy is lost, just spreads and transforms. Can do that on purpose and with greater initiative/inertia. Even simple thoughts can take on a great weight.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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