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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Have Your Own Mind in General


The pot loves to call the kettle black. There is an unusual sense of presence and intensity associated with some people. Also very subtle, but surprisingly consistent differences in psychological “syntax”. People are strange, when you’re a stranger …

If one is in denial of their true purpose and true self, are they really living in the full sense of living? You can have awareness without center. This tends to make people feel very lost. The majority of people are in the same boat, having a half-life at best, but those with that extra awareness can be both more compassionate and more vicious as their prejudices lean them.

I think many of us fall in the judgement trap. One has to watch out for it. I openly judge people or so they think. I usually just mirror back their own judgement of themselves until I think they don’t want any more of that, then I leave them alone. The scope of most peoples perception is often too limited for them to handle their own “salvation”, let alone save anyone else. The absolute truth is that all truth is related to all other truth. All perceptions are related. I haven’t said they were identical.

Far too often we attempt to save others, either from themselves or from some imagined horrible fate. People learn from experience, and the most readily available experience of how the self can be is available through modeling. I have taught the most to people I have sought the most fervently to teach nothing. My wife still finds it amusing that I have the attitudes I do about teaching. If I see something and tell you I saw it, does that make me “special”? There is telling someone what you saw and then going with them to see it.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel scared it seems to grow and grow? For me it freezes, but I’m a weirdo. If one thing is fearful/doubtful, then you have to question everything. In my experience, this is not necessary as reality is surprisingly consistent and resilient. It doesn’t do “ends” in any absolute sense.

We’ve all known fear, but how often do we stop to ask ourselves what we are really afraid of? For me, all the time, but again I fall into a weird category, even medically. This is the only way I can process any sense info. I am forever talking about fears with my wife.

Avoiding commercial advertisements can be helpful, I think. Live the life of a “disabled” person for a while. You won’t be able to see the commercial relationship in quite the same way. The constant message of “You are broken so unworthy of being a part of this exchange.” Some fears are possessed only by those who others think can succeed. If you are a pre-identified failure, you learn not to focus on a lot of that which preoccupies others thoughts.

The “nothing to lose factor” can have its usefulness? Yes. There is a freedom in it, along with the cultural rejection. When people have no use for you, you don’t really learn to use people.

Imagine a world of peaceful patient telepaths. When you lie, everyone knows you are lying, but no body does anything for or against it as its entirely unnecessary. Would we all understand each other better then, do you think? Yes, and we would all be growing and living beings, but there would be no deception, just insight and education.

Is it better to allow them to believe that you believe the lie, or to confront them about it? Neither. In my own experience, it’s better to operate in your awareness of the lie without challenging their perception. You become the mirror to their lie and it crumbles without any psychological violence on your part.

Allowing them to think you believe them is also dishonesty in a way, isn’t it? No. You don’t allow or disallow anything. You don’t engage the permissions game at all and operate from a consciousness that might seem contrary to that context. Red Rover is a game that can be put down.

I think the hardest part is not realizing that you have fear or self-deception, or some other less than desired trait. It takes lots of self analysing to figure things out. I would say it takes an openness to experience until unfiltered experience becomes your new habit. Intellectualizing self knowledge blocks self knowledge. You can color experience of self so much that an apple looks like an orange, so to speak. If you would create anew then the analysis helps, but if you would see clearly your habitual creation, you have to just see it.

“To Will and To Dare” comes to mind. Yes, a good principle.

Removing the filters. How we go about doing that to increase the authenticity of our experiences? You have to be willing to “kill” your own mind to have your own mind.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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