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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Relationship to the Thing in Nihilistic Animism

Nihilistic Animism

Attachments or bonds can be in two possible states; harmonious or attuned, and disharmonious or disconnected. How do we treat things?

As children we tended to treat them like creatures, even people.

It depends on the things relationship to us? Actually, it depends on our relationship to the thing. Things are more reasonable than us in that regard. We see everything we have as an it.

So how does the world treat us? How should it treat us?

It is patient with us. We are her kids. Yes. It doesn’t just treat us like objects. If it insisted we have purpose, logic would lead it to delete us, but mothers don’t delete babies because they aren’t iPods. But is everything blissful tolerance?

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Maybe we bring on the natural disasters she throws at us. We get spanked her way. There is plenty of even materialistic evidence that backs that up.

No one kid will admit to the misdeed so she shouts at them all. It is unfortunately necessary, but let’s bring it back down to the level of our peers, yes? The day to day spirits we deal with?

We live in something we think of as our home, a house. What is a house?

A space? An empty. A non-entity.

A place to store all your junk. Junk. See it just snow balls. We start speaking very negatively even without intending to. A house was trees and a house is also earth. It was many things, and now it is sheltering you.

It protects me. But do houses always protect people?

I will offer a model of destruction you might find interesting. What destroys a marriage?

Lack of love. Losing connection. What happens when a marriage is destroyed? How do we know it is destroyed?

Legal papers get signed that say so. Partners move on. Yes, though we often know even before then.

The other is treated as an it? Yes. Partner becomes problem. Partner becomes object to hold onto or throw away.

What would it look like if your house wanted a divorce?

What if you rent a home? It can still want to end the friendship.

Cracks in the walls, ceiling falling down.

Houses can seem willfully unfriendly can’t they? Now I use the example of houses, but are there any of our things that this doesn’t apply to?

We aren’t allowed to divorce our bodies when we choose to. Actually, yes you are. You just might be lying about your intention, and the consequences are still the same. You have still started a fight.

I just want to trade in, not divorce. Trade in is even worse. That is insult to injury. You give some respect when you just think of getting space from a thing, but you give none when you value one thing against another, measure one thing against another.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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