You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

It’s About Resonance in Ionic Energy

Ionic Energy

Computers and technology somehow make us more positively charged? They do yes, and this is why people like me have such an affinity for electronics and electronic voice phenomenon. This is also why a Faraday cage can cause panic in neurotypical people.

Do you have a pet electric eel? No, but I used to frustrate my brother because I found holding an electric fence comfortable and I would shock him back when he tried to shock me. He always had to give up.

This is why negative ion treatments are popular today. We have less contact with nature to get ‘charged up’ and industrial society drains us. Exactly, and positive and negative ions interact with each other in most situations negating the quality of the signal, but at specific levels of resonance enhancing it.

Maybe also why moving around makes us feel better. Creating static charge? Static makes you feel worse. Dynamic electricity is the helpful kind. This is why acupuncture works. It creates little antenna along the electrically conductive pathways in the body. For myself, this therapy would just be irritating. Alpha wave induction makes me hyper. Polarity matters.

Slowing down the brain waves will not make you hyper. It does me. I am using a technology boost, but my positively charged system does make me resonate with the human resonance more powerfully, at the same time impairing my systems ability to get a read on normal systems. We are all electrically sensitive, not just birds and sharks. Again as I said earlier, it’s about resonance.

Do you have trouble balancing, and are often reversed, or even dyslexic? My whole perceptual matrix is reversed, but this has not affected my linguistic development. I have learned to read backwards, metaphorically speaking, and at various point in the shift in wavelength, I resonate with normal people. We synch when otherwise we would not. Basically, at the points of passion and fear, panic and animal instinct.

It may be that resonance that prevents one consequence of energy reversal, weakening the people around you when you try to teach? I actually resonate with normals. I deliberately modify my energy field so instead of draining others it becomes draining for me.

Is that why you sometimes leave suddenly? Yes, I sometimes short. If you saw me in person, you could even witness it physically. Spasm when I am in a crowd of people in what is their normal state of mind, but no such thing when I am attending a rock concert. I only offer this information as a contrasting model. I’m not actually phobic or misanthropic. For me, it’s physically uncomfortable like getting a sunburn.

What is a good salve for that sunburnt feeling? Meditation helps. I have to throw off coherence. I have to lose my mind if you will. This is why people like me have to disengage from contact. It builds up in our systems until we choke.

Is what you describe in yourself typical for autistics in general? It is not. They function in a more fragmented state. Generally, in the case of high functioning individuals, forming some fixed sets of conscious constructs to eliminate the neural noise. This is why they are described as being ritualistic and narrowly focused in their interests. They cling to any small part of their experience they feel they can understand. They are also generally bombarded with too much stress to engage in effective introspection.

Yes, it’s rough, and the therapies help little, even hurt except for some of the newest ones. Functional magnetic resonance imaging would help them if they didn’t insist on interpreting it according to the neurotypical model. It seems a bit species biased honestly. I found my own modality. It was my autistic focus and my obsession with self development that lead to all this other knowledge I now share with you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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