'Ionic Energy' Chapter

Ionic Energy

Both positive and negative states of charge are necessary for any form of energy exchange, but positive charge is energy stripping. Negative charge is energy producing. We can pick up positive ions that impede our normal energy balance and our electrical amplitude and frequency change with our state of mind. This is ionic energy.

Chi is the full energy dynamic. The medium of exchange between positive and negative ions. Positive and negative ions interact with each other in most situations negating the quality of the signal, but at specific levels of resonance enhancing it. Static makes you feel worse. Dynamic electricity is the helpful kind. This is why acupuncture works. It creates little antenna along the electrically conductive pathways in the body. We are all electrically sensitive, not just birds and sharks.

“I think there’s a little bit of sizzling here. Honestly, I can feel it. The ions are flying back and forth.” Regis Philbin

“It’s what he worked with. Ions are at the heart of electricity.” Ion Sancho

Energy Charge

There are three states of an atom and molecules. When the electrons in the particle are balanced with the protons, you have a neutral charge, but when you have either a positive charge or a negative charge, that is an… Seek More

Strange Attractors

We need positively charged ions. It’s how matter is formed, but our actual energy of consciousness is negatively charged, or rather the energy carrier wave that is traceable in the human neural net. Lightening in the brain? Indeed. Our brains… Seek More

Electrical Change With State Of Mind

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It’s About Resonance

Computers and technology somehow make us more positively charged? They do yes, and this is why people like me have such an affinity for electronics and electronic voice phenomenon. This is also why a Faraday cage can cause panic in… Seek More