To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Energy Charge in Ionic Energy

Ionic Energy

There are three states of an atom and molecules. When the electrons in the particle are balanced with the protons, you have a neutral charge, but when you have either a positive charge or a negative charge, that is an ion. So it’s sort of like the hermetic triangle. Everything in our world is either positively charged, negatively charged or neutral.

Now both positive and negative states of charge are necessary for any form of energy exchange. Our own blood is negatively charged. It’s how it picks up oxygen. Sea water is also negatively charged and so is lighting.

Energy is defined as the energy available in a system to do work, right? Well, though our common use of the term would suggest otherwise, the higher energy ion is the negatively charged one. A particle acquires a positive charge when it’s had electrons stripped away so that the proton count is higher than its electron count. Negative ions are the higher energy particle. Our own nervous system is dependant on keeping a predominantly negative charge.

Unlike humans, where the more positive you are, the more energy you have. That’s the philosophical positive which is the physical negative. Mirrors of each other.

Negative charge is electrical? So is positive, but positive charge is energy stripping. Negative charge is energy producing. We can pick up positive ions that impede our normal energy balance. This is the reason free radicals are such a health problem. Free radicals are positive ions. Ions are both particles and molecules.

It’s also that they combine with chemicals and make compounds not conducive to health. Yes. Exposure to negatively charged ionization is good for us.

Being open to energy and absorbing it can. I knew this ex-Special Forces instructor who would hug trees to get their energy and love, and then train people to silently kill. Balance is necessary, and killing is not judged as automatically evil by natures standard.

He thought he was serving the higher good. The thing is, you need these forces for mental health. Yes.

So you should engage in arguments with your spouse as much as you do hugging them? Some degree of tension can be healthy in a relationship.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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