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There is truth to find. Just because the path isn’t straight doesn’t mean there is no destination. Truth is hidden in plain sight. Finding is still an act we do.

Extend Christmas Spirit To Your Inner Demons in Seasonal Lore


Today’s language of things is taking us further and further away from the root words. Yes. Selling us watered down meaning. It isn’t a mystery why today’s teens seem so completely nihilistic, and they called my generation the Generation X.

It’s called “bull shit”. I have a book written by a professor On Bullshit. He considers it a bad evil even worse then lying because with bull shit you don’t care if it’s a lie or not. Human mental waste.

The proliferation of disinformation is scary. It is messing up general thinking, like what politicians and con artists spew. It twists truths. Toxic psychic puke.

But the spirit of hope doesn’t belong to any particular power or person. It can occur to anyone and even more likely during this time of year. Perhaps Krampus will grow strong enough to get those fat juicy souls who have been especially naughty, and who have lead astray today’s children.

As for the rest of us, perhaps we should extend the Christmas spirit to our fears and inner demons. They need to come in out of the cold also, and well, what happens when you treat anger with tolerance? The only way some of the anger this year will be handled correctly is if those who are responsible give back their presents. Give what they have always promised to give, or as much as they can. But one way or another, it is the season of giving.

The departed bring memories both joyful and sad. The angels bring messages of hope and good will. The demons bring messages of fear and challenge to those who have earned them. Like Santa Claus, Krampus carries a sack also. His is empty. Can you guess why?

He takes presents? And sometimes special people as well, before his night is through.

I wish that were true. Well, though it may not literally be true, fear has a tendency to eventually break those who experience it. Eventually, they will give up what they have otherwise feared to give up, if only to reduce or eliminate the fear.

To bring this all back to the holiday, I heard someone ask why it took a visit from spirits to turn Scrooge around. It took the spirits to turn him around because the spirits are a part of everyone’s experience. Ideally, for most people no direct intervention is necessary, and the relationship can in a sense be “long distance”. But for other people, they have to reach a point where the world itself intervenes. The realization Scrooge had was not just that he should be nice to people, nothing so abstract honestly. They illustrated to him very clearly that being alive by itself has value, and nothing beyond that matters as much.

It was that he had the ability to be nice, and he just didn’t realise he could? Oh, they didn’t show him that. If you recall the story, they didn’t express much confidence in him or they wouldn’t have come in the first place. He did discover that (because even in the most cold hearted soul there is some element of conscience) in being shown his memories he had the chance to see what he missed out on by being so selfish and crass.

I think the third ghost was ready to send him to the devil. Yes. He faced the prospect of condemnation, but it still would have been his choice.

I’m alive and I can change things. We keep talking about that. Yes. While you are still alive, you can still make new choices. Choice and free will. Magick and miracles are about free will, self will, but there does have to be understanding behind that for things to turn out as best as possible.

A side note, but still related to this topic. Anyone familiar with Catholic lore? Familiar with those they call the kindly ones? To the Greeks they were the Furies, as in fury, being really, really angry.

Then how are they kindly? Because they give you what you chose, what you sought after, the thing you want most. Ultimately, people want a reason. That’s all. They want meaning. How and where you find meaning is ultimately up to you. But to go back east with this idea, when the demons were sent after your soul in Asian belief, they did drag you off to hell. It was a form of reincarnation, and it was hell because you kept these beings company for what might seem like an eternity, but there was a mystery behind this.

The demons didn’t like their jobs and didn’t actually want mortals in their realm, and the mortals could leave simply by giving up what brought them there. When they stopped wanting to die, they would stop dying. When they stopped wanting to fear, they would stop seeing things to fear. Some old prayers even sought to gain the qualities of a demon for a human being, because they were possessed of great strength and great wisdom, even if they totally lacked peace.

I guess why I am saying this, is even Krampus can bring you a gift, and it might be in some ways more valuable than the sweet sentimentality of Santa.

I hope this held something of value for you, friends, but if not take my friendship instead, and happy holidays.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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