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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Spirit Bonds in Invocation


Certain crystals sing in certain conditions. That raises a good point about tools used in invocation, though it can be trick to call them tools. Humans are not the only things that can or do invoke. Crystals often invoke other spirits as well as having an earth spirit of their own.

They came in on the sound of tree snails caressing the wind. We sang that song, too, they came. Tree snails. Oh, indeed. Your dog can invoke, or your cat. They often do, and an animal that is around invocation often is in some traditions called a familiar, because the spirits you work with, work with it too.

One of the uses of a familiar is to watch it for omens. The spirits ask it to pass messages to you, because they know it’s with you and you might be focused on something else. Thus keeping them from doing it directly.

Kind of like a living divining rod? Yes, kind of like that.

For those of us who have no tradition, that doesn’t mean we can’t form spirit bonds. You can be initiated into a spirit family, or you can just call. Spirits in general are rather generous, even if you don’t like their “generosity”.

Pursuant to spiritual generosity, my advice to anyone who wants to call upon the aid of the unseen, is to call upon Mi-ka-el, because he’s your celestial version of a Swiss army knife. You don’t even have to be skilled. There are some spirits that are very powerful and diverse in their domains of influence. If they don’t take direct action, they get other spirits to do so. As they do have relationships among themselves which can be observed in the material world, if you become aware of how to look.

An invoker will tend to form a spirit group to go with whatever flesh and blood group they work with. This group may be shared entirely, or in part, with other members of the group. But in general, it tends to be a mix of communal spirits and individual allies. Now these allies, group oriented or individual, are not invasive. Your allies will not force their way into your being or awareness.

Well said, for I address the allies in group work to make sure that: 1. They were acknowledged. 2. Any potential disparities were dealt with before a kapu was secured, but they are there. Kapu = rules/ restrictions/ permissions. Oath/pact/bond, all related. This is what lets it endure.

I impose a kapu when a lotus is in place. Allies are with us, and we do things that keep them included. My friend makes a good point. You can offend your allies, and they can choose to stop helping you. But if you keep peace / faith with them, there are even passive ways that your connection with them helps you.

They are to be given ho’okipa. ho’o is something in addition to emotive stimulus. kipa is hospitality. It is visitation. ho’o is to activate it.

Your spirit group becomes like having good neighbours. They will not invade your house, but neither will they allow it to be invaded by outsiders. As strange as it might seem, invoking makes you less prone to possession or negative spiritual influence rather than more. If you keep peace with your spirit group, just as good neighbours would not vandalize your property, neither will they let outsiders vandalize it. What this means is that even in those parts of your life you may not be paying attention to right now, or might not see actively at all, they keep things going in your best interests. At least to the best of their ability.

How do we return this? Invocation actually does that, and keeping to your shared values, because you invoke to share in the wisdom of the spirits. If you show respect for their insights while you aren’t in ceremony, this helps them too, and well… Sometimes an invocation will happen without ceremony.

Say, you have a healer ally. It may decide that someone you have met needs help. You might be able to tell it’s an ally and not you, because it will have nothing to do with your opinion of the person. But if your healer ally seems to want to help someone, you return the favours it’s done for you by helping whoever that is.

The old woman singing to her taro leaves is an example. No ceremony. Simple invocation as she sits in the sun. Exactly. Good example. The taro spirits begin to sing with her too. She made them smile happy. That is return. As she sings to the taro, as we sing to the sun to rise, that is return. The best immediate gratification anyone could ask for. Yes. You can return the good will the spirits show you, often simply by being willing to keep their company. Be their friend. Don’t forget they are there.

Our conduct that is carried forth with the most truth and purity of intention is “heard” more loudly than a mere thought or practiced chant. BE your invocation. The spirit more than words or sounds.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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