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Negative Spirit Behaviour in Exorcism


Anyone ever deal with a situation involving negative spirit behavior?

Let’s look at one that does commonly show up in popular accounts. Modern people are typically rather disrespectful of the dead, making land grabs and reclaiming funeral lands for their own profit, and showing serious disregard for the spiritual component of that land.

Now modern exorcism works in that situation how well? Not very well, because their methods depends on beliefs rather than principles. There is an island off the shore of Italy that was an old monastery. No effort to exorcize the place has worked. If anything, efforts seem to make the so called haunting even worse.

Like believing only the church can perform exorcism? Yes. In the case of the Italian island, the church was responsible for the stain that tainted the place in the first place.

Is it true that it’s people that are haunted rather than houses or objects? Anything can be haunted, though I don’t like the term haunted, it’s like saying stalked. It implies the spirit is hunting you. It doesn’t have to hunt you.

It just likes your energy? Actually, you like its energy, because the energy it exhibits is what is showing up in you. The dead are drawn to fear, because they themselves are afraid. Add to that the fact that you actually feel alive, you have what they recognize as their former life force, and they come looking for comfort from the only presence they believe exists. You feel warm, warm and afraid. In a sense, they want a hug.

They want the comfort? Is this why they like being around kids? Yes, but they linger for the largest part because they themselves are disturbed. Their death was really very frightening, so they have a damaged self-image as it is. Add your projection of what the dead supposedly must look like onto their self-image, and you get real scary stories to tell. That, and some of the dead are genuinely angry.

How can I comfort a spirit who is troubled? They remember being alive, and you can remind them of the life they had, and help them gently see that it is over and that they are free to go.

I find I can feel a bit of what they might be feeling without even asking what is hurting them. It’s true. Their mind works on the same level yours does. That doesn’t change with death.

I feel a weight in my chest. Would they find it comforting to know empathy? They can feel empathy for the living, and you for them. They do take comfort in that empathy. It’s even potentially enough to let them go free.

That is essentially what a ghost whisperer does right? They are good at reading what the spirit feels and can help them almost like a therapist. Exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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