'Exorcism' Chapter


Each aspect of the spirit world exists in relationship to all others and there is no solid barrier between these domains or planes of existence. Patterns of energy permit an exchange between one plane and the other. A previously foreign presence moves into a space or state of being it normally cannot occupy. This is generally rather disturbing to the natives no matter what the intentions of the new comer might be, as it usually strains the web of spiritual energies in the environment.

Early exorcists would come to have a whole roster of different kinds of spirits categorized according to their behavior. It was sort of a guide for what was a proper course of action when faced with any specific kind of spiritual presence. There has always been ways of dealing with the spiritual criminal, but no single method was seen as universally effective. When dealing with the lost, the modern exorcism can work, because the wording and emotion behind it scare the spirit and the shock makes them realize their state, and they let go.

“Only after you’ve done the exorcism, then you’ll understand that ghost’s also a species.” Toba Beta

Immigration Between Planes

The topic is exorcism. I won’t be focusing on the practices of any particular faith, but rather the principles that run all throughout world cultures and lore regarding exorcism and the circumstances around it. The practice of exorcism, in most… Seek More

Spiritual Police

The core principle behind exorcism is not unlike an animal’s territorial behavior. Some species can tolerate the presence of other species in their territory fairly well, while others are much more aggressive and defensive against any rivals. This is why… Seek More

Spirit World Shaped by Connections

Shall we discuss mechanism behind exorcism? As I made mention of earlier, the spirit world is shaped by connections, resonance or sympathy, like affects like, but likewise there is a broader cycle between all pairs, a principle of duality and… Seek More

Negative Spirit Behaviour

Anyone ever deal with a situation involving negative spirit behavior? Let’s look at one that does commonly show up in popular accounts. Modern people are typically rather disrespectful of the dead, making land grabs and reclaiming funeral lands for their… Seek More

The Damned

Ever notice how mental illness changes people? Well, growth and evolution happen even among the restless dead. The lost can grow into what Christians might call the damned. With the so called damned, those formerly human spirits who have grown… Seek More

Fighting The Damned

Fighting the damned. The damned are as prone to influence as they are able to influence others. So though they may scoff at modern religious concepts, mind tricks can disturb them enough to weaken their hold on our world. They… Seek More