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Shamanic trance is just a more primal method of the “scientific” method.

The Damned in Exorcism


Ever notice how mental illness changes people? Well, growth and evolution happen even among the restless dead. The lost can grow into what Christians might call the damned. With the so called damned, those formerly human spirits who have grown accustomed to being in that dark place, they don’t respond to healthy empathy any more.

Fortunately, the damned are less common than the lost, and I don’t like the term damned, but it’s the clearest way to express the idea I am getting at. Some ghosts evolve into an inhuman state, a dark mockery of humanity, ghouls, vampires, things like that. These are the damned. Shall we go here?

The damned are undead? Is there such a thing? No such thing as the movies portray undead. The reality is a lot more complicated.

Amityville house is an abode of the damned. Anyone familiar with what happened each time they tried to perform an exorcism in Amityville house? It failed, miserably. There is a reason why. From time to time the modern exorcism can work, because the wording and emotion behind it scare the spirit, and the shock makes them realize their state, and they let go.

Are we talking about the film? No, but you can find some account of something like this in the film “The Amityville Haunting“, as well as something like this in the movie “The Exorcist“, even “Poltergeist“, really. Though Poltergeist didn’t deal with any single real life account. Maybe I should get to the point…

The damned have moved into the state of being dead. They have settled and adapted to it, and even learn tricks of influence that manifest as what we call possession. They look for those who they share something in common with. Ghouls look for the greedy. Vampires look for the domineering, and they move into their psychic space sort of like “The Shining“.

Ghouls push things like sexual addiction and over eating, because they can experience them vicariously. But ghouls, like vampires, are by definition angry spirits, not merely distressed and confused, but sociopathic. They don’t see what they do as wrong. Vampires look for people of a domineering disposition, because these people behave is such a way as to fill their environment with a slow bleed of life energy as they reliably make other people scared, depressed, or even needy, but in such a way that it remains sustainable. They aren’t as willing to move around as ghouls.

People won’t sense anything wrong with the already dominant guy. They will just see him as the jerk anyways. They will in time, because their vampire friend will want more than they are generating. The energy is never really enough to make the vampire spirit feel alive again, so it will go to crisis, even the potential self-destruct of the influenced individual.

Ghouls, on the other hand, are thrill seekers. They aren’t as patient as vampires. Charles Manson is an example of ghoul behavior even to the point of religious delusions. Most of the damned show this trait. The damned almost universally have to be fought in order to disrupt their influence and stop their behavior.

So ghouls feel a rush from killing? Killing or tormenting. Rape and pillage is a ghoul thing. They love alcoholics.

Pirates. Yes, where vampires are more like politicians. Actual demons are really very rare, and when present only sometimes bother to interact with the damned.

Is there an opposite of a ghoul or a vampire? Yes, from time to time there are martyrs. Those of the blood who seek to stem unnatural loss of life. Ghosts who show up to warn people just before an aircraft is going to crash, say.

I bet they get ignored a lot of the time. By humans, yes. Other spirits tend to assist them when the need is great enough.

Humans trust instruments over a ghost. Yes, broken instruments.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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