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Possession Phenomenon in Possession


Possession is a common theme for paranoid schizophrenics, but there is something real behind it and it isn’t what you see on TV or movies. We don’t exist in a world of matter and objects. We exist in systems of energy, and that idea that we are nicely self contained, is a half truth at best.  There is no space, yet you think your body takes up space, and that for you to be possessed something has to crawl inside your body. This is flat nonsense. The stages of possession aren’t even commonly recognized for what they are. It’s a psychic relationship. You and the possessing entity get more and more on the same level.

Synching? Yes, the possessing entity doesn’t have to hide off in some dark corner and wait to pounce on you while you are in bed. It’s likely not manifested in any physical sense at all, and doesn’t need to. This is part of the motivation for possession. The early stages of possession are often over looked, and it’s commonly called obsession. Sort of like brain washing, the entity tries to keep you traumatized so that your focus is poor and you are suggestible.

How are they doing that? They send empathic/telepathic signals mostly, depending on how much energy they have fed on. Weird suggestive nightmarish images like you might get if you watched a horror film that scared you. If you believe in possession it actually makes it easier for them.

What do you mean by ‘they’? Well, there are a variety of possible possessing forces. It comes about from a combination of vulnerability and their will to influence the world through you.

We’re vulnerable due to stress of some sort? Yes.

Does unused energy attract them? Actually yes, it can if you degenerate into frustration. But in some cases the possessing energy isn’t even a true spirit. Is everyone familiar with multiple personality disorder? Someone can splinter off a part of themselves so much that it manifests as an independent psychic presence. It has the imprinted qualities that the originator was repressing, so often this is what people interpret as a demon. They are so full of hate and so rejecting of their hate, yet refuse to focus on someone or something else. It just goes out into the world.

Can this splintered psychic force not only haunt you, but perhaps someone else? Actually, yes. As you are entertaining the reasons why, it acquires its reasons why, so we can possess someone else. The object of your negative feeling can become obsessed, constantly insecure, paranoid, then begin acting out and it will be your mannerisms. Lashing out, and saying exactly what you fear is true, or refuse to say.

So it can happen when you are the victim of something traumatic like being kidnapped as a child? Yes, that is one of the most common times.

Sounds like a “living hell”. Oh, it is, and the problem with possession is that the host is aware on some level. They begin having nightmares and impressions that weren’t theirs.

Now there are other things and not all possession actually seems evil, nor will I say it is. Sometimes you have a person of intense conscience, and they become obsessed with some spiritual principle, or some story that deeply moves them. They will attract the attention of an entity that seeks to promote that. On a shallow level they call these spirit guides, and they sort of keep their distance beyond the process of suggestion. But in extreme cases, a “saint” or “angel” will possess the devoted one, and you get phenomenon like stigmata.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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