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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Identifying Possession in Possession


How to spot possession? It’s actually not that hard, and it’s also not that common. A deluded person will create a shallow schism. They will be projecting a role more than an actual different consciousness, and the mental processes thought messy, will be connected to each other like badly written fiction. Some people adopt a Christ complex, or a devil made me do it delusion.

They will show inconsistency in their reasoning? Well, and actually still some consistency. There will be an effort by their mind to preserve it. In the case of a possession it will be sudden and dramatic. Unlike the case of multiple personality disorder (MPD) where there is a definable trigger, a stressed in-between phase, it will be an immediate personality shift and can manifest in such things as happen in MPD, like vision correction.

Sudden conversion? Yes, or even things as dramatic as eye color change. Mannerisms will be all different, and there won’t be a great concern for the host, perhaps not even awareness. To many possessing entities it’s just a body. They don’t even keep it constantly or permanently. Also there are typical haunting like phenomenon, fresh light bulbs burning out or even breaking, stuff like that. Computers acting funny, car batteries going dead. Signs of excess energy. The possessing entity won’t act disturbed.

How conscious is the host of it happening? Often the host may just stammer something incoherent if they can react at all. It’s like a psychic snap. In one case a bus driver took his hands off the wheel, and the bus continued to drive itself. He had only a hazy idea of what happened.

Haunting is not the same as possessing? Haunting isn’t possession. Some entities do not desire, or are not receptive to the familiarity of possession. It’s a sort of awful intimacy and affects the possessing entity also. This is why the entity is often hostile to the body, but this isn’t uniform.  An example of a haunting would be the Mothman encounters. The entity didn’t actually intend harm, but exposure to its presence and energy were so great that it causes lesions and organic failure. So in the cases of possession, they will shunt the energy out especially in the more benign possessions, and they will draw on other energy sources so they don’t deplete the host.

This is the cause of the special effects as in the exorcist? Ah no, most of that is crap. The reason for the energy phenomenon is it’s remarkable hard to translate into low energy matter. To localize and keep the connection stable is really demanding if you don’t want to trash things.  In the cases of a hostile possession, and this is not the same as a schizophrenic episode or MPD behaviour, there will be biological disruption and usually of a kind the host fears. Bruising in specific places or mysterious scratches appear as the host is catatonic.

Is a ‘walk-in’ considered the same as a possession? No, not really. In that case the spirit would have been lost to the body and it would just die. The walk in phenomenon is voluntary and full surrender. The body becomes the walk in. Near Death Experiences (ndes) sometimes do that, and they usually dismiss it as amnesia brought on by brain damage though the person shows no loss of intellectual faculties, just memory.

Have you met possessed people? I have, it runs in my family.

What are likely motivations for those doing the possessing? The motivations for possession run a big gamut.

Could channelling be a kind of possession? Channelling is a form of possession, yes. Usually not getting passed the obsession stage, the deep all consuming focus.

What are the stages of possession after obsession? Sublimation happens after. A sort of low awareness zombie like state, then possession. In the case of channelling there is no sublimation phase.

When the original self is totally subverted? Well, it’s sort of encased, encysted, isolated to parts of its own consciousness moving from the subconscious and back again. It takes time for a total subversion, and it takes the hosts despair and surrender.

Always have memory lapses then? Well, memory haziness.

Separating qualities? Yes, the host gets to identifying with the foreign experiences. It can make the survivor of an exorcism still have difficulty after.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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