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Events In Context in Dark Omens

Dark Omens

The topic is dark omens. People see omens as almost by definition dark. It’s where we get the word ominous from, and other people refuse to see much meaning in events that happen around the course of action they have chosen. As if there activity happened in some protective circle and would have no response from anything else.

Much of our intuition has its bigger part in our subconscious mind, and some parts of our mind that science is now accepting, they also insist are the seat of phenomena they call delusion. We inherently interpret the world as a meaningful or “thinking” place. We don’t have to choose consciously to do this. The brain only functions within the realm it’s equipped to handle. But rather than taking the simple road just for convenience sake, let’s consider that many if not all of our supposedly irrational mental behaviours actually have some basis in nature and therefore fact.

Our subconscious mind is constantly monitoring things even when consciously we are spaced out or relaxed. If anything, it monitors things more easily when our attention is not on them. But the feedback it gives us is in the only language it has, spontaneous dream like visuals, seemingly fractured but full of emotional information, or a sense that there is a presence around us acting in a way that makes us uncomfortable. Like we would react if we knew we were being stared at by a stranger, say.

Reminds me of how some things seem to have a face like old trees and clouds, and the face is either pleasant or scary. Indeed. Yes. We see patterns in our environment, and although the dominant school of metaphysics these days would have you dismiss these patterns as meaningless, and materialism is a school of metaphysical thought rather than fact, why not accept that our brains actually work as they are supposed to? Do we gain anything from the other point of view?

I think a good leader learns to value other points of view. That is team work. To the degree that they help others, yes, but they must also identify problem causing points of view as well.

It’s just got a bad reputation because of people who go too far over the edge and start acting dangerously, or deceitful. Well, materialism hasn’t helped us avoid insanity. If anything, it’s amplified it.

We live in a living world. We think in a thinking world. What would this mean?

Our life is divided? Only in our popular attitudes.

It would mean we are all equal, nothing to hide. Exactly, but not only is there nothing to hide, there is no condition under which you can hide it. No point at which you are disconnected from the exchange of attention from some being or other.

What does it mean when you hide something in plain sight then? Actually, this is the basis of omens. All events occur in a context, and though entities always witness everything you do, the context won’t automatically spur a response. When you take a bathroom break, the air has no reason to process the fact that you have dropped your pants, say, nor does the water have reason to be offended that you just supposedly polluted it. These events are outside of the frame of consciousness of these beings, and therefore not any form of omen.

An omen occurs when an active agent responds to your change in state, and only some presences are active at any given time under any specific circumstance.

Like a shudder when you feel someone watching you? Yes. That is perhaps one of the simplest omens, and most often misinterpreted.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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