'Dark Omens' Chapter

Dark Omens

We inherently interpret the world as a meaningful or “thinking” place. We don’t have to choose consciously to do this. An omen occurs when there is a response to your state of being by an active agent, and therefore there are a wide range of possible spooky omens that could show up in your life.

There are entities that exist in ways that seem to be dissonant with our own. When these entities interact with us, it creates noise by definition. We largely find their actions and presences unintelligible, but more to the point, among these noise causing entities there are beings more complex or evolved than us. The world has more in it than those things that readily come to our awareness. The day that greets our eyes is not the only event happening in that time and space.

“If we do not fear to commit mistakes, if we take the omens as a warning, as a help to cross that particular day, then we start to get deeper and deeper into the soul of the world.” Paulo Coelho

Events In Context

The topic is dark omens. People see omens as almost by definition dark. It’s where we get the word ominous from, and other people refuse to see much meaning in events that happen around the course of action they have… Seek More

Unseen World

There are long standing relationships between humanity as a whole and other beings on this planet. People have breathed the air for a long time. They have likewise walked the earth and bathed in the water. They have also had… Seek More

Paranormal Dark Omens

As for more paranormal dark omens, there are multiple kingdoms of agents if you will. As I said earlier, an omen occurs when there is a response to your state of being by an active agent, and therefore, there are… Seek More

Abyssal Tide

Perhaps a wider domain of dark omens, the abyssal tide. Shall we? The abyss has always existed. It existed even before our world as we know it. It is a state of being inhabited by countless entities, many of which… Seek More

Omens and Agency

Perhaps a clarification of omens and agency. In the multiverse, there is no time as there is no such thing as gravity either, not even here. Gravity is just a by-product of the quantum behaviour of our level of existence.… Seek More