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Energy follows two identifiable patterns, action and rest and we don’t get to choose to exclude one.

Omens and Agency in Dark Omens

Dark Omens

Perhaps a clarification of omens and agency.

In the multiverse, there is no time as there is no such thing as gravity either, not even here. Gravity is just a by-product of the quantum behaviour of our level of existence. A form of noise being generated by our sphere. Part of the music of the spheres.

So the agents that are responding to events in our world seem to respond before the event happens, because their experience is not keyed to our perception of time. They respond to state, and for them the event has already happened. This is why they respond to it. This non-temporal event horizon even shows up materially for us as well. This is why animals often show behaviour changes well before there is any reason to expect the event, from our point of view.

Like before an earthquake? Yes. So this is why the Greeks used to employ augurs. Those who divine by the flight of birds. We can’t see remote locations. Our organic eyes just don’t work like that, and you can’t think in inhuman ways so clarity on some things going on in the world is often too challenging to be reasonably possible.

You mean with our human minds? Exactly, but if you watch the flight of birds, not just one flock but the many that you can see in the area, they sort of create an echo pattern that can be read.

But we are so much more than human. Indeed. We are whole beings having a human experience. I just try to give more tools to use on the human level. The flight patterns of birds create a pattern of pings. You can read the interplay of each flocks flight as well as what they reacted to, and draw from their behaviour events that will arise from the current state of these otherwise separated regions.

They respond to energy patterns? Yes, but they also communicate that energy between themselves. Moving together and in relationship to each other based on what they were in contact with.

Are there other beings that can control the ebb and flow of the abyss? Well, it’s like an infrastructure, and it gets trafficked as well as being a source of traffic. So there are those who know the routes and patterns and how to re-route them. Sort of air traffic control.

Is part of ourselves able to do this? It can be done with an exercise of the attention. You can focus on the Zonei. There are routines that make up part of the information that shapes our world.

So you could get rid of an Oni by rerouting him? Yes. The Zonei are zone-i. Intelligences that stem from the different programs running in our world, or rather are the source of these processes.

In a physical sense, does this change neural pathways in our brains? Oh, indeed. Habitual zone circuiting creates a sort of neural lattice that is a pretty effective screen. This makes your aura a sort of encrypted mess that they just avoid. Mess from their point of view, orderly from ours.

Do we become Zone i? We can. Physical? Yes, with practice will. Subroutines of the greater routine. In a sense, children of the powers. The angels, if you prefer.

As above so below? As above so below holds true, but we do sometimes have to plug into that.

Does this expand creation? It clears it, which does reduce noise, and in the huge picture it can and does after a level of critical mass is reached. Noise takes up space. Clarity creates space for new creation.

Like defragging your hard drive. Yes, but don’t dismiss the potential benefit to diversity of the viral vector. Sometimes the anti-virus is too effective and actually stifles and distorts the computation.

Like Norton. Yes. Don’t be a Norton.

It is always about balancing in the spiral. Yes. There is no dwindling spiral in the universe, more of a progressive spiral helix. As long as we don’t go and try to unzip reality all together, things will be all right.

Another computer metaphor? They do fit. Computer metaphors are also human mind metaphors.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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