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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

Paranormal Dark Omens in Dark Omens

Dark Omens

As for more paranormal dark omens, there are multiple kingdoms of agents if you will. As I said earlier, an omen occurs when there is a response to your state of being by an active agent, and therefore, there are actually a wide range of possible spooky omens that could show up in your life.

One example comes from China. They spoke of beings they call Oni. These are terrestrial spirits as they have neither the degree of evolution nor a suitable temperament to dwell in heaven, and in their daily lives they are notoriously crass, crude and vulgar, as well as temperamental. How this relates though, is that despite not dwelling with the celestial spirits, it’s in their nature to respond to violations of the mandate of heaven. So from time to time when a human being has begun living in a really decadent way, there is a response from an intelligent being.

How does an Oni effect us? The Oni engage in mockery. They begin by swaying human and animal behaviour, making people and pets act out of character. But if this doesn’t send the message, they begin to rearrange the furniture so to speak. They are notorious thieves making important things go missing, and eventually even people. The people who go missing usually return to contact with a serious animosity for the Oni’s plaything. They will ramp it up even further. They are possessed of a “poisonous” breath that makes the individual contract some rather specific diseases.

Could they make someone’s child wander away from home only to be found years later? They could, but they usually focus on life partners, wives or husbands.

They make partners leave? Yes, they do, but children are against the rules. Why do they focus on wives or husbands? They are tribal creatures. Their aggression is like tribal warfare. They can steal the wife or husband, provoke them to anger, mindless anger to the point of disease, but children must not be directly disturbed.

You mean they try to attack one partner through the other? Yes.

You mentioned diseases earlier. What kind? Anemia, if they are being gentle, then lung infection, then stomach. They follow a ladder. Eventually it gets to fevers that make one shrivel, lose weight to death. Oni produce hungry ghosts is what it is all about.

I’ve had all those except for the last one. Are you prone to wrath? Yes, at times. Hmm, you may bear the seal. They mark those who are blood brothers who they see as candidates for joining them, usually with a strange hair color change. It can be any of a number of colors, but they would all share a fiery nature. So the grey would be very smokey or oddly tinged with red.

Auburn? Yes, but only if that color wasn’t originally present.

Where do these particular entities come from? Things in that world organize into phases, more states of being than special places, but the Oni are from a region often called the abyss.

What sorts of behaviour attract them? Violence or imaginations of violence. Also avarice, the intention to take by force

Destructive energies? Oh, no. Decay doesn’t attract them. In fact, the effort to build when it involves forceful displacement of animals and people also attract them.

Fear of being a victim of violence, or imagining doing violence? Imagining doing violence. They don’t take any interest in the victims or potential victims.

Sadistic energy. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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