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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Unseen World in Dark Omens

Dark Omens

There are long standing relationships between humanity as a whole and other beings on this planet. People have breathed the air for a long time. They have likewise walked the earth and bathed in the water. They have also had a variety of relationships with the other animals on our planet. Due to these relationships we survive. If they become completely betrayed we die. But the world has more in it than those things that readily come to our awareness. The day that greets our eyes is not the only event happening in that time and space.

Let’s say we live in the explicate world. Explicate meaning expressed or evident. Ever notice it also seems to be spotty? It has continuity problems? Things that happen seem to follow logic that we just can’t see.

It seems to ebb and flow. Yes. There isn’t a material mechanism for everything or we would see it all. Well, there is an implicate part to out world that is operating as much during the day as at night.

As they’re discovering with quantum biology. Indeed. I am pleased to say they are finally beginning to accept that everything is quantum, and even worse for the old model, everything is subject to entanglement, even our own flesh and blood. Which means there are very material particles that your body is connected to, but that also don’t present as part of the construct we call a body. To offer a metaphor, you have a foot and you have a footprint. Your footprint is bigger than your foot.

Are you talking about aura? It would be part of the kirlian field and the bio-electric field. Basically yes, aura. They used to think that the electrical activity around the brain was a meaningless by-product, just electrical static. They now know it forms circuits much like our neurons. It can even suffer mental health issues due to an interruption of this strictly electrical pathway. Again, it is external to your physical head, but this is a different topic all together. The range of relationships we have with things in the implicate or unseen world has a much broader range than we experience in the explicate.

Like losing your wi fi. Yes. Interrupts and corrupts neural signal quality.

We are all part of the quantum field, aren’t we? We are, and the quantum field has a wider spectrum than the material. There are entities that exist in ways that seem to be dissonant with our own. When these entities interact with us, it creates noise by definition. We largely find their actions and presences unintelligible, but more to the point, among these noise causing entities there are beings more complex or evolved than us.

I won’t speak of the simple creatures, because their level of noise is usually minor, though the “vermin” are also most commonly encountered. Ever notice that you get rather fleeting but chronic senses of unease in parts of your home from time to time? Though your sense organs aren’t set to detect these presences, your brain is a much more sophisticated sense organ, and it does mirror the energy and activity of the, for lack of a better term, animal in your house.

I get unease in garages even if they aren’t mine. Garages typically shelter these creatures.

Now they don’t create much disturbance normally, and they wander far and wide much like a bird or insect, but under extreme circumstances they can gather in heavy concentrations in some places. On their level of existence, huge psychic events on our world are the equivalent of having a garbage barge in the bay for seagulls. They come squawking in a feeding frenzy. They are attracted in such large numbers to wildfires and quakes as far as natural phenomenon go, and they come at about the same time the flesh and blood animals are leaving.

Tornados? Yes. They love windstorms. This is why people often get creeped out during heavy storms.

The quantum racoons have knocked over my ethereal trash cans. This does happen, and usually it’s not much more meaningful than that. The mess they cause won’t have much impact on your personal probability. You have a cloud of probability around you. This is the huge footprint I spoke of.

Perhaps my mother is sensing something during the storms that I am not. Women are often a bit more sensitive as a rule. They don’t have testosterone dulling their nervous system.

Why is that? The same reason men are not as sensitive to pain. This is the reason they often miss more subtle things, but there are ways to get around this, and it is a fluctuating phenomenon itself. Men do have a cycle and a “time of the month”. It is perhaps an evolutionary mechanism to make men focus more on the physical for a time. To further and protect the species physical presence.

Like the moon cycle? Yes. It’s sympathetic to the moon cycle. It is a bit faster, so it happens a bit more frequently.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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