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The spirit of a city, of a state, of a nation, of the world, all very simple. The world sings if you listen.

Abyssal Tide in Dark Omens

Dark Omens

Perhaps a wider domain of dark omens, the abyssal tide. Shall we?

The abyss has always existed. It existed even before our world as we know it. It is a state of being inhabited by countless entities, many of which have no interest in earth what so ever, but some of them do. The abyssal tide, washing up against our world and the material state of being, cycles.

When the tide is coming in it produces behaviours that humans would call paranoid schizophrenic effecting even those with no history of such things, and then washes out again. The life of the abyssal tide is parasitic. It has its roots in a high entropy state of reality. There is no such thing as absolute entropy, as all existence is entangled in a huge crystalline matrix.

It is the balance. Yes, but there are states of existence where they is very little free energy to be had, so the creatures of the abyssal tide have all evolved to take the energy from other beings.

Other universes? Yes. The abyss is a universe. One of many. You have likely felt the touch of the abyssal tide. It’s not really rare.

It is coming in now isn’t it? It is, yes, and even on its way out there are sprays. It brings a strange lethargy mixed with euphoria. Makes you tired but also stir crazy. Makes you want to seek stimulation and entertainment. Usually aggravates addictive behaviour to an extreme. But no matter how much entertainment you actually get, it has a perverse tendency to make your experience seem dull like it siphons meaning or context out of what would normally have been inspiring.

Are you also feeling this way recently? Actually, it’s my home. I’m feeling oriented, and I am watching the tourists for troublemakers.

Perhaps then I’m getting it from you. That feeling you are describing, that’s how I’ve felt recently. Hmm, actually not likely. I can tell you what is causing it. The most enthusiastic looky lues from the abyss are called Dybbuks. So tell me if you have been noticing this in your community. Almost a strange sense of order like the town is peaceful but in a sense dead, and though everything seems to be in order it’s like people are forgetting parts of what they do. Doing a bad impression of the people who should be living there. This accurate?

Yes. They are sapped, being leechified. Dybbuks like collecting the local merchandise. The merchandise being what the locals are “sold” on. So they will agitate political and religious beliefs as well, though usually they keep it “polite” from their point of view. Their understanding of polite being about as deep as a five year old human, but they are tourists so they do come and go. You can track them to neighbouring towns and back again. Their port of call is usually a power plant of some kind, or some place of high static electrical activity like heat lighting in the desert.

As for remedies? The natives of the abyss do have allergies so to speak. Specifically, they can’t deal too well with anything that reaffirms the local life system, gardens, house plants, parks and arboretums. They also don’t much like moisture, bathing and taking walks by water, even a humidifier. They do like incense, and they do attract bugs so repelling bugs also repels them.

Water intrudes on their field? It does. The abyss is a sea of energy sort of like one of our nebulae so the state of energy created by condensed water is like making a human stand near a speaker with bad feedback.

What don’t the Oni like? The Oni don’t like light. They also don’t like iron. They don’t like chanting or meditating. They try to interrupt people when they meditate, because it makes them uncomfortable. Meditation makes a light and creeps them out, sort of like those glowing fish in our seas creep us out.

So the more light we generate, the more they recede? Yes. This doesn’t affect the abyss that way though. They think you intend to show them a movie. They like watching the mental impression you project with the light, just our cousins the Oni avoid it all together. They have had one too many run in’s with Kami to not avoid light.

Is there a geometric shape specific to the Oni? Yes. They are associated with a hexagon. This is why hexagons are popular for places of wrestling or human combat.

What is the light shape that Oni back away from? Oh, they back away from circles.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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