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What evil would arise in sex if people just accepted it? What evil would arise in exotic senses of self if they were just accepted? What harm?

Archetype Evolution in Archetypes


They say history repeats itself. The reason history repeats itself is archetypes preserve themselves, or try to, and they are capable of evolving just like organic systems. This sounding like nonsense?

And we have to be conscious enough to break the cycle. i.e. Kill the God? If the God is an enemy, then yes, there has to be a Ragnarok. Gods do become enemies over time, and as the prophecy says, there shall be a new heaven and a new earth.

History not only repeats itself, it also stutters. Yes. The Gods argue, talk over each other, thus the staggered activity or stutter. They can and do interact with each other. So the reason we haven’t achieved artificial intelligence is simple, we are thinking about it in mechanistic terms.

It would be interesting to hear their conversations. Well, hearing the conversations would take advanced pattern recognition capabilities, but they do show up in natural fluctuations as whispers or yells, and they show up in animal behaviour.

Like being an encryption breaker? Indeed. That could in theory work. Even a workable quantum computing technology could do it. And well, autistics are good at pattern recognition. They have seizures typically, and it was how the Greeks found their oracles and the Native Americans found their shamans. One of the ways. So it’s not outside of our grasp even now.

Actually, the brain computer technology progress we are making could do meaningful things in this way. Translating what our subconscious minds pick up from our environment in a visible way, and even allowing us to visibly see the public domain elements of these processes. Mental internet is not an impossibility any more, but people will be in for some scares. Hopefully, they won’t let their xenophobia blind them. Couple brain-computer interface (BCI) technology with the God helmet technology and they can plug not only conscious thought into the system, but even the hypnagogic theta state, Jung’s collective unconscious. They just have to figure out how to translate that for other users.

For the subject of Gods made flesh, it has to be spoken of. The archetypal entities do influence human genetics, and the information is encoded in such a way that at any given time almost any possible balance of genetic expression could come up. This is why we get so much in the way of genetic “deformity”.

They had names for these archetypes. Demon being one such word, but it is theoretically possible to have enough aspects of one trait all activate that for functional purposes you have a living being who embodies one of the archetypes. Genetic soldiers embodying Aries, or hyper cerebral women embodying Athena. No reason to believe that there could be only one, but the odds of duplicate avatars at any given time would be slim unless scientifically engineered. This is perhaps why there have been prophecies of “super men” floating around in human history though the gender would be more likely female than male.

Or they simply attract each other and mate. Yes, or attract a complimentary avatar if one was available. There are some daughters of Aphrodite running around, but they would be a bitch to be partnered too.

Like when we see a certain actor that seems to embody all the best qualities. Yes indeed. Sean Connery is quite the Lugh figure.

As for my personal opinion, I am not an atheist. I just don’t believe in entities that float off in some ethereal nowhere. There is plenty going on in our world right here, right now. Gods have no need to hide. Their essence isn’t dirtied by contact with our world. It isn’t really corruptible. It’s creative and dynamic. Even if in theory you could introduce corruption, the corruption would pass from their systems.

We are dirtied by theirs. Both dirtied and ennobled, but we are not objects. You are one of those Gods. We play in the same game, just a different ball park.

We are little league. Yes. Well, time for me to rest so I can play in tomorrows game as well, or better than I did today.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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