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Before progress, you just lived your life. After progress, you’ll just live your life.

New Gods in Archetypes


There are two basic realms of our archetypes. The genetic, those that arise in our consciousness from our natural development, our natural hormonal inclinations, as well as our experiences of the natural world. Our body minds are naturally equipped to tell us things about the sun and the sky. But my point in describing natural archetypes is that the invisible presence / idea / spirit is present in the world around us, even outside of the human social realm.

Now for the new Gods, and the primal and new Gods do interact. Just as the hero Gods got their start and are now written into the human nervous system, social changes create new behavioural archetypes. This is why the nerd has become such a powerful image. So much so that people are preferring nerds as partners more and more, and even non nerds are developing nerd habits and interests and behaviours.

Nerds have more fun. The nerd is becoming a new Thor or Odin, but these new heroes can’t step into the spiritual arena without accounting for the elder archetypes. This is creating some conflict and it plays out in our lives on a daily basis. The nerd tries to tell coyote that he knows better.

The nerds vs. jocks stereotype? Yes.

The nerd is also allied with even older nerds. Loki and Anansi. Kokopeli. These are all sources of social strife and is why flame wars are so disgustingly common in the online social scene, even in offline culture these days as well, any form of media or trend. It’s all aiming at breaking the rules or being a rebel, but with perhaps the delusional justification of believing you actually have a clue. That you are the one in the know and everyone else is out of touch.

Anonymity and lack of consequences. It gives us a huge mask.

Can these new Gods take on a direction all on their own? They can take on a direction all their own and have. Progress is a very aggressive Goddess, and Democracy is busy puffing his chest out at Zeus every chance he gets. Our personal attitudes won’t change the new Gods any more than they will erase the old Gods.

Recently, Democracy is giving Zeus a whooping. Indeed. Nature and its archetypes can’t be killed off, but they can be horribly maimed. The new powers are big on crucifixion, and these new Gods are having an impact on our world just as the old ones did. Zeus was big on empire, and we moved into the age of empires. Technology is big on consumption, and has taken big bites out of our planet without allowing symbiotic adjustment, for the most part.

Have I made it clear that these archetypes are intelligent of themselves? They are capable of responding to stimuli.

Progress totally ignores human fear. Democracy totally ignores human dignity, and they manipulate society, much the same as we do, focusing their attention on key figures. Even they understand that it’s now not what you know, but who you know, and they are the who’s that we mistake for what’s.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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